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Glider Rocker Ottoman - Shopping for a Glider Rocker with Ottoman - Use, Style, Price

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A glider rocker with ottoman is the perfect solution for people who want a rocking chair but do not want a traditional style of rocking chair. A glider rocker actually slides back and forth rather than rocking up and down on rounded legs. Some glider rockers with ottomans even come with an ottoman that also slides back and forth. A glider rocker with ottoman can be as simplistic or as luxurious as you want it to be, but there are a few things that will need to be taken into consideration before purchasing a glider rocker with ottoman.


Many new parents purchase a glider rocker with ottoman as their first rocking chair for a new baby. A glider rocker is one of the most popular pieces of nursery furniture available, other than the obvious pieces like a crib and changing table. Of course if you are purchasing a glider rocker for the nursery, keep in mind that the rocker might be prone to more spills than a rocker that is meant for other purposes. Try to avoid white cloth on a rocker that will be for a new baby. Also resist the urge to purchase a pink or baby blue rocker because these light colors will show all of the baby spills.

If the glider rocker is not for a new baby, then feel free to choose any fabric you like. Just remember to consider any pets you might have and if the style you are considering will go with the rest of your décor.


There are two different kinds of glider rockers available. The first is the traditional style, which has a high back and looks more like a rocking chair, although the bottom is flat and has a sliding base so that the chair moves back and forth. The other style looks more like a standard armchair, although it glides back and forth. The traditional style of glider rocker is much more common than the armchair style, and it is usually easier to find an ottoman with a traditional glider rocker. However, armchair gliders are becoming more and more contemporary, and they often offer more fabric choices. Just spend some time sitting in chairs that are both styles to see which one suits you the best. After all, if the chair is not comfortable for you, then you will not want to sit in it.


Most glider rockers with ottomans range in price from $150 and up, depending on the craftsmanship and the materials used. The least expensive chairs often have some issues with quality, especially in the glider mechanism. On the other hand, the most expensive chairs often use leather or other expensive materials. The best way to find a chair that fits your budget is to look carefully at the mechanism of the chair and avoid chairs that are very inexpensive. Usually the chairs that are priced around $200 or $300 are of good quality.

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