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Boots Wide Calf - Shopping for Boots with a Wide Calf - WideWidths.com, ShoeBuy.com, WomanWithin.com

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Anyone who has feet or legs that are a different size than what the fashion industry considers to be “average” knows that finding boots with a wide calf can be a bit of a nightmare. However, just because you have wide calves, it does not mean that you cannot wear cute boots. You just have to know where to shop for boots with a wide calf. Here are some of the best places to buy boots with a wide calf.


One of the best sources for boots with a wide calf is WideWidths.com. The reason this site does so well is because it offers name brands like Naturalizer, Ros Hommerson, and Blondo. The site also offers many private label boots, which only ups the quality of the offerings there even further. The only bad thing about this site is the fact that it does not really offer any budget options for boots with a wide calf. Women who order from WideWidths.com can expect to pay $200 or more for a pair of boots, although they will be able to rest assured that the boots they get are very high quality, durable, and classic in a way that will not go out of style quickly.


Another site that offers boots with a wide calf is ShoeBuy.com. This site is known for selling all kinds of shoes, and it has a special section for boots that have a wider calf than normal. The nice thing about the boots on this side is that they are a bit more stylish and offer wider variety in patterns and styles than WideWidths.com. However, they may not last as long as the boots at the other site because the style of the patterns tends to be more current and may go out of style more quickly. Women who are looking for a less expensive pair of boots should definitely check out ShoeBuy though because the average price for a pair of wide calf boots on this site is $50 to $175. Of course the site does also offer more classic options in addition to the ultra-stylish and fun options, and shoppers can actually get away with paying a lot less for a pair of boots. There are even a few name brands offered, like Naturalizer and David Tate, although not as many name brands as the first site.


Another site that offers boots with a wide calf is WomanWithin.com. This site is geared toward plus size women, and the boots are a bit more plain than those offered by the first two sites. Most of the boots on this site are in neutral colors, and there are few, if any, name brands available through this site. Most of the boots at WomanWithin.com are priced around $50 to $60, so they are slightly cheaper than ShoeBuy.com, although the quality may not be as high and the number of selections is a lot smaller.

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