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Disney Park Passes - How to Buy Discount Disney Park Passes

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Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The resorts covers an area over 30,000 acres in size and includes 4 theme parks and 23 themed hotels. Combined, the four parks received over 47 million visitors in 2008 alone. To accommodate such a vast number of visitors, Disney World has over 66,000 full and part-time employees.

The four Disney Theme Parks are as follows:

  • Magic Kingdom – This is the classic park that features all of the well-known Disney characters and includes rides, entertainment, parades, fireworks, and other attractions. This is the most popular of the four parks.
  • Epcot – The Epcot Center is a cultural park about technological innovation and the diversity of world nationalities.
  • Hollywood Studios – This park features Disney’s feature-film characters with shows, tours, and many other attractions based on Hollywood action.
  • Animal Kingdom – Animal Kingdom is the world’s largest park based on live animals and their natural habitats.

The Disney World Resort also features two water parks:

  • Blizzard Beach – This water park features large rides for children and adults, including the one the highest waterslides in the world.
  • Typhoon Lagoon – This park is made more for children, but the whole family can relax and cool down in the wave pool or swim with real sharks.

If there is one reason more people don’t visit Disney World, it is because ticket prices are very high. A single day adult ticket to only one park costs $82 plus tax from the official Disney box office. Fortunately, there are several ways in which visitors can purchase Disney park passes at a discount. In some cases, it is possible to find Disney park passes totally free of charge.

Disney park passes can be purchased for a single park for a single day or through one of several other options that can save money over the single-day base price. The most popular ticket Disney sells is the Park Hopper ticket. This ticket allows individuals to enter as many parks as they would like, as many times as they would like for a set number of days, from one to ten days. Park Hopper and standard Your Way Disney park passes cost less for each additional day purchased. A 10-day Your Way ticket costs only $26.20 plus tax per day for adults and the Park Hopper option is an additional $5.40 per day.

There are also a number of other regular discounts for Disney park passes available through the Disney box office:

  • AAA Members – AAA members receive a modest discount on all types of tickets. They can be purchased through Disney or through AAA.
    *U.S. Military – Active and retired military personnel are eligible for deep discounts for themselves and immediate family members. Select days allow for free admission.
  • Convention Attendees – If you are in Orlando for a business convention, you may be eligible for discounted Disney park passes.
  • Employees of Corporate Sponsors – If you work for one of Disney’s many corporate sponsors, such as Coca-Cola, General Motors, and others, you may be eligible for discounts. Ask your human resources department for details.
  • Florida Residents – Florida residents have several different discounts and special tickets available only for them. Some of the special Disney park passes available to Florida residents include advance-purchase base tickets, discounted 3 and 4-day Play Passes, 5 to 10 day Your Way and Park Hopper passes, Weekday Select passes, Seasonal Passes, After 4 Epcot passes, and After 2 water park passes.

Besides purchasing tickets directly from Disney, there are many walk-in, telephone, and online companies that offer discounted Disney park passes. The discounts are small in some cases, but still much better than paying full price. Before you buy tickets from a ticket discounter, make sure they are a licensed ticket broker selling only newly-issued tickets.

Beware of a popular scam where a ticket broker or an individual wants to sell you the remaining days of their previously-purchased Disney park passes at a steep discount. Disney World tickets are non-transferrable and the park takes your fingerprints and associates them with each ticket into their computer database. Many people who purchase these tickets end up having them taken away at the gate or being stamped VOID and left with no official recourse for remuneration.

You may see many companies online and in the Orlando area offering free or nearly-free Disney park passes. 1-percent of these companies are scams. The other 99-percent of them are timeshare sales companies. They are legitimate companies legally obliged to give you the tickets as long as you are prequalified and sit through a high-pressure sales presentation. These presentations are not just high-pressure, they are EXTREMELY high-pressure and it can be difficult for some individuals to walk out with tickets in-hand having not bought a timeshare unit. Before sitting through a presentation, read the fine print carefully. Make sure a time-limit on the presentation is presented in writing. These presentations are only for those who can be firm and demand what was promised them.

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