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Reebok Heart Rate Monitor - Purchasing a Reebok Heart Rate Monitor - Strapless Reebok heart rate monitor, Heart rate monitors with a chest strap

watch athletes display time

A Reebok heart rate monitor is certainly one of the best on the market. Athletes use heart monitors to keep track of their heart rate as they work out. Reebok has heart monitors with a chest belt and without a chest belt, so athletes can certainly find one that works great for them. Let’s take a closer look at three different categories of Reebok heart monitor.

Strapless Reebok heart rate monitor

One of the most popular types of heart rate monitors from Reebok is the style that looks just like a sport watch. Many of the watch-style heart rate monitors do not come with a chest belt. The Reebok Fitwatch 10 S is a strapless watch that measures heart rate by finger touch through pulse technology. The heart rate monitor also has a programmable heart rate zone with alarms. It is water resistant and functions like a regular stop watch, displaying the current time, a countdown timer, and the usual stopwatch functions. This watch is made specifically for women, and it sells for around $60. Customers who own this Reebok heart rate monitor say that it works very well, although the one flaw is that it does not take your heart rate continuously. Athletes who always want to know what their heart rate is should opt for a monitor that comes with a chest strap.

Heart rate monitors with a chest strap

One of the best heart rate monitors on the market is the Reebok Heart Rate Transmitter. It operates on a 5.3 k signal, and it is compatible with any analog heart rate monitor. It is also compatible with most cardio gym equipment, and the strap fits most people, both men and women. The monitor is sweat and moisture resistant. The Reebok Heart Rate Transmitter sells for about $45.

Monitors with both a wrist watch and a chest strap

Athletes who want the versatility offered by a wrist watch display and the preciseness of a chest strap should check out either the Reebok Fitness Trainer or the Reebok Hybrid Plus. The Hybrid Plus features both a wrist display and a chest strap, and users can choose one of two different ways to monitor their heart rate. They can opt for continuous heart rate monitoring through the chest strap, or they can select monitoring by finger touch only, which is not continuous. The Hybrid Plus also features calorie counting, a time display, alarm clock, and target heart rate zones. The Hybrid Plus retails for around $100.

The Reebok Fitness Trainer also has a chest strap and a wrist display. The readout shows the heart rate, the current time, elapsed time, and the amount of time in the user’s current workout zone. This Reebok heart rate monitor can also take the user’s resting pulse rate without the use of the chest strap. There is a backlit display for athletes who prefer to work out at night. The Reebok Fitness Trainer sells for about $100.

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