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Pigeon Forge Rentals - Searching for Pigeon Forge Rentals - Majestic Mountain Vacations, Sunset Cottage, The Preserve Resort

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Pigeon Forge rentals are a great way to spend some time relaxing in the mountains. Most Pigeon Forge rentals consist of a cabin, and some cabins are independently owned, while others are part of larger resorts. Sorting through all of the various choices for cabins can seem like daunting task, but it becomes much easier when you sort by size of the cabin. Some websites even offer sections on pet-friendly cabins and cabins that are more secluded than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best companies that offer Pigeon Forge rentals.

Majestic Mountain Vacations

One of the best places to rent a cabin in the Pigeon Forge area is Majestic Mountain cabins. Most of the cabins available through Majestic Mountain are independently-owned, although the rental company handles all of the details. Most of the cabins available through this company have all the standard amenities, including a hot tub. Some have additional amenities that will appeal to different people, like a pool table or air hockey table. The company also makes it very easy to find pet-friendly cabins or cabins that are further off the beaten path than most. Some cabins available through this company are on a resort, and renters are able to use the resort facilities, which usually include a pool and fitness center. Most cabins from Majestic Mountain cost $189 per night and up, depending on how big the cabin is and what kind of amenities it offers. This rental company gets glowing reviews from guests who have stayed in its cabins.

Sunset Cottage

Sunset Cottage also offers cabins of different sizes, although one thing that is different about this property management company is that it also offers condos for rent. Most of the properties offered through Sunset Cottage have a hot tub and other upscale amenities like a fireplace. Even the condos often have these amenities, and renting a condo in Pigeon Forge is a great way to save some money. Some condos in the area rent for as little as $80 per night, and renters are able to use the facilities in the condo complex, which usually include a swimming pool and fitness center. Sunset Cottage rentals are among the least expensive in the Pigeon Forge area, and their cabins start at $100 per night. Most people who rent from Sunset Cottages report a pleasant experience.

The Preserve Resort

Another great place to stay is at the Preserve Resort. These Pigeon Forge rentals start at $131 per night, and anyone who is planning a family reunion or other large gathering will appreciate the sheer size of some of these cabins. The Preserve have some cabins that have up to 12 bedrooms, which can sleep up to 52 people. Everyone who rents a cabin at the Preserve Resort has access to the resort’s many amenities, which include a large pavilion for gatherings, a fitness center and spa with services that come right to your cabin, a swimming pool, and even a wedding chapel. People who have stayed at the Reserve say it is very relaxing there, and many have even had their weddings at the resort.

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