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Marine Fish Supplies - Essential Marine Fish Supplies - Salt Mixes, Glass Cleaners, Marine Fish Food, Test kits

water aquarium hand tank

Getting a new aquarium is always very exciting, and it is easy to forget that you will need a regular supplier for marine fish supplies. However, there are some marine fish supplies that will need to be purchased on a regular basis, and remembering to keep these important items on hand at all times is an important part of keeping marine fish healthy.

Salt Mixes

One of the most important things to understand about marine fish is that they are saltwater fish. This means that keeping a marine aquarium is much more complicated than keeping a freshwater aquarium. A marine tank owner will need to replace 10 to 15 percent of the water in the tank every two weeks. This requires all marine tank owners to keep a steady supply of salt mixes on hand. Salt mixes turn fresh water from your tap into salt water that is appropriate for marine fish. The salt mix from Red Sea offers a great value in marine fish supplies. A 55 gallon bucket sells for about $25, while a 175 gallon bucket sells for about $50. It is always a good idea to keep some of this product on hand.

Glass Cleaners

Another supply that is good to keep on hand is a glass cleaner, and there are different types available. The purpose of a glass cleaner is to clean the algae off the inside of the tank. One of the best products in this department is the Kent Marine Proscraper. There are many algae scrapers available from this manufacturer, including some with a very long handle that will allow users to scrape all the way to the bottom of the tank without their hand touching the water. Scrapers from Kent Marine range in price from $4 to $22.

Marine Fish Food

Of course every aquarium owner must have a supply of fish food on hand at all times, and there are so many choices that selecting the right one can be a bit confusing. In essence, most flake foods are about the same, so it does not hurt to purchase this food in bulk or look for the best prices. The only difference is that some brands of flake food will help enhance the beautiful colors of your marine fish. Saltwater aquarium owners should just make sure that they purchase marine flake food rather than food that is for freshwater fish. O.S.I Marine Flakes is a great product that will ensure that your saltwater fish get the nutrition they need, in addition to enhancing the bright colors of the marine fish.

Test kits

Another important aspect of taking care of a marine aquarium is making sure that the nutrients in the water stay at the appropriate levels. Red Sea manufactures a full line of various test kits to measure all of the important levels in salt water, including ammonium, calcium, pH, and alkalinity. The Red Sea kits sell for about $14, and they come in sets of 100, 45, or 25 tests.

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