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Sweet 16 Ideas - Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas - Sweet 16 Ideas for Girls, Sweet 16 Ideas for Boys

Party Ideas for Girls and Boys

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For many children in America, the prospect of turning 16 is almost too good to be true. They will finally be old enough to drive! While most 16 year olds do not end up with that brand new sports car or truck that they might have dreamed about when they were younger, their 16th birthday is a memorable occasion. If you are a parent looking for sweet 16 ideas or a soon-to-be 16-year-old trying to find epic sweet 16 ideas, there are many ideas and themes to consider.

Sweet 16 Ideas for Girls

Although perhaps not as popular as it once was, a traditional “princess party” is still a great idea for a sweet 16 party. With this theme, you could decorate with pink table clothes, streamers, and other decorations. Scattering rose petals and providing guests with paper crowns or other dollar store favors could add to the ambiance of the party. All of the guests could wear their dress clothes, and the birthday girl could wear a glamorous “princess dress” for the occasion. While parents might think their little girl might be too old for a princess party, more often than not, they will be surprised at the enthusiasm that their teenage daughter has for the idea. After all, what girl does not want to feel like a princess?

If your daughter does not like the princess theme, then you could do a Luau theme, with flowered leis for the guests and pineapple centerpieces on the tables. This theme would provide a more relaxed atmosphere, and you could encourage your guests to wear their “Hawaiian” garb. Other popular sweet 16 ideas could be a Las Vegas theme (with no real gambling of course!), a Hollywood theme, which could be similar to the princess theme, or an 80s dance party theme. If your daughter is into sports, you could also plan her sweet 16 around whatever sport or sports are her favorite. Just about any party theme could work well for a sweet 16, so the best advice for a sweet 16 idea might be to find a theme and run with it. After all, the most important things will be the people who are there, not the decorations on the tables.

If you or your daughter does not want a traditional sweet 16 party, you could plan a weekend getaway with a few close friends. Depending on the time of year, you could take your daughter and a few friends to an amusement park, a ski lodge, or a shopping getaway to celebrate her sweet 16.

Sweet 16 Ideas for Boys

While sweet 16 parties are typically done for girls, many boys want to celebrate their 16th birthdays in memorable fashion. Many 16-year-old boys would enjoy a Luau themed or sports themed party, but more often than not, they would probably enjoy a weekend getaway with friends. For both boys and girls, a surprise trip with a few friends could be a memorable way to celebrate their 16th birthday. If this is not an option, a low-key 16th birthday party or a trip to the movies with some friends could be a good way to celebrate your son’s 16th birthday.

Although most parents cannot afford a Corvette for their 16 year old, there are still plenty of sweet 16 ideas that can make the event a memorable time for both the 16 year old and his parents.

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Sweet 16 Ideas - Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas - Sweet 16 Ideas for Girls, Sweet 16 Ideas for Boys - Party Ideas for Girls and Boys