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External Hard Drive Cases - Selecting the Best External Hard Drive Cases - Size, SATA and eSATA

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Most computer users need an external hard drive to back up their data, and an external hard drive case can easily transform an internal hard drive into an external one. The easiest way to add storage space to a computer is to purchase a new larger internal drive and then make the old hard drive into an external drive and connect it to the computer.

External hard drive cases come with their own power supply. Some can be turned on and off, while others just need to be plugged in. Also some external hard drive cases have their own fans, which helps keep them from overheating, although most people do not have an issue with any external hard drive case overheating. Additionally, some cases have different kinds of connections, so it is important to know what kind of connectors the computer has. All of these options can make selecting the best external hard drive cases rather difficult, but understanding what all of these options mean can make the decision much simpler.


One of the first things you will notice about external hard drive cases is that they come in two sizes. The cases that measure 2.5 inches are meant for notebook hard drives, while the cases the measure 3.5 inches are meant for desktop computer hard drives


One of the other options you will notice is SATA and eSATA. Both of these options describes the internal connections inside of the case. Most external hard drive cases will have either SATA or eSATA connections, and computer experts do not necessarily see one as being better than the other.

USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0

Another important thing to look for is the way the hard drive case connects to the computer. Most of them use USB, and USB 2.0 is the current standard. However, USB 3.0 is quickly taking over, and it should not be too many years before 3.0 is the new standard. The only issue right now with USB 3.0 is that some users do not have the correct drivers installed on their machines and do not know how to get them. For right now, try to look for a USB 2.0 connector if you have any doubt about getting a case that will work with your computer.

Brand Names

There are many different brand names that manufacture external hard drive cases, but there are a handful of names that computer techies tend to turn to more often than others. Thermaltake is probably the most well-known and best-liked brand name when it comes to hard drive enclosures. Two other good brand names are Bytecc and Acomdata, although Thermaltake is certainly the leader in hard drive cases.


A hard drive case can cost as little as $10 or as much as several hundred dollars, depending on how much a computer user is willing to spend. Obviously the more expensive cases will have more options, but just be careful not to purchase more case than what you need. The average home user will probably spend about $25 to $30 on a hard drive case.

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