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King Mattress Pad - Need a King Mattress Pad?

Find Quality King Mattress Pads

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Finding the right king mattress pad can make a difference in the way that you sleep. Because studies now show the importance of a good nights sleep for overall general health, it is important to insure that your night’s rest is the best it can be. Not only does a mattress pad give you comfort but it protects your mattress, giving a longer life to your investment.

Laura Ashley Home has an overfilled king mattress pad that is hypoallergenic for those who struggle with allergies but also provides the extra comfort you need to assure a good nights rest. It is 100% cotton with 220 thread count and fits comfortably over a king mattress measuring 78″ × 80″ L and 17" deep. This king mattress pad is machine washable and can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond and priced at approximately $30.00. You can find a California king mattress pad that is mad of 100% polyester fill with a fiber content of 52% cotton and 48% polyester at Target. This product can be purchased in the store or online. It fits a mattress measuring 15" deep, is machine washable and hypoallergenic. It is priced around $25.00. Walmart has a Canopy Loft king mattress pad with a 100% cotton cover with a four-way stretch skirt. It has 100% polyester fill and fits a king mattress measuring 78″ × 80″ and 20" deep. It is priced at approximately $45.00.

L.L. Bean offers a quilted cotton-filled king mattress pad with stretch knit secure fit to prevent that awful feeling when the pad pops off the mattress while you are trying to sleep. This king mattress pad measures 76″ × 80″ and 22"deep. It is recommended to wash and dry in a commercial sized machine. This pad is more expensive, priced in the range of $80.00 but it is probably related to the higher quality. If you own an electrowarmth king mattress, you will be thrilled with the king mattress pad because it is easily laundered and will help your electrowarm mattress last much longer. There is a standard king measuring 76″ × 80″ for approximately $45.00 and an extra long king measuring 76″ × 84″ for $50.00.

You can find great prices on a variety of king mattress pads at www.overstock.com. Overstock.com is an online company that purchases items that retailers did not sell. You can find great brand name products here for very low prices. US-mattress.com is another great source to find quality brand name king mattress pads at unusually lower prices. Smartbargains.com offers king mattress pads with high thread counts and sizes to custom fit your king mattress. At smartbargains.com prices are discounted to help you buy the brand you like without spending a fortune. It is important to check these sources first once you have determined which brand king mattress pad you desire to assure the best price available.

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