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Fisher Paykel Dishwasher - Purchasing a Fisher Paykel Dishwasher - Easy loading, Quiet Operation, The Negatives

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A Fisher Paykel dishwasher looks quite a bit different than the traditional dishwasher. The main difference is the fact that the dishwashers from this manufacturer use drawers instead of doors. Consumers can choose from either one or two drawers, depending on how much capacity they want the dishwasher to have. Also having two drawers can allow consumers to wash a very large load or just wash one smaller load of dishes.

Most Fisher Paykel dishwasher models come in stainless steel, although there are a few available in black or white. There are also a couple of models that are integrated, which means they are concealed by a special kitchen cabinet that is made for the dishwasher.

With so many choices in dishwashers these days, the only way to know how a Fisher Paykel dishwasher will work is to check out consumer reviews. Here’s a look at what customers say about the manufacturer’s dishwashers.

Easy loading

Most people who own a Fisher Paykel dishwasher agree that the appliance is extremely easy to load. Consumers seem to appreciate the drawers instead of the standard doors that most dishwashers have. Also the option to have two drawers instead of one is a great choice for families that might want to wash a smaller load sometimes. Couples without children may prefer having two drawers because they probably just need to wash smaller loads most of the time. Having a second drawer gives them the option to expand and wash larger loads when company comes over.

Quiet Operation

Another good thing consumers like about their Fisher Paykel dishwasher is how quietly it operates. The dishwashers by this manufacturer also are very energy and water efficient, which gets additional high stars from consumers. The dishwasher uses less soap than many other dishwashers, which only adds to its efficiency. It also has delayed programming, which allows consumers to schedule the dishwasher to run in an hour or two after the laundry is done or after all family members have taken their shower for the day.

The Negatives

As with all products, there are some bad things about the Fisher Paykel dishwasher. The first negative is the price, although some consumers will admit that it is worth paying top dollar for a great dishwasher. Most of the dishwashers from this manufacturer are $1,000 or more, compared to a few hundred dollars for dishwashers from other manufacturers. Fisher Paykel is certainly among high-end appliances, and the dishwashers are among the most expensive in the field.

Additionally, some consumers report that the dishwasher broke the first time they used it. However, other consumers say that the problem was with the installation and not the dishwasher itself. The best recommendation from these consumers is to have a professional install this dishwasher. For those who do want to spend the extra cash to purchase this brand, having a professional install the dishwasher certainly does make a lot of sense.

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