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Independence Homes For Sale - Finding Independence Homes for Sale

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Independence is a city on the western side of Missouri. With a population of 121,212, it is the fourth-largest city in the state. It is considered to be part of the Kansas City metro area. Most of the city is in Jackson County, but portions are located in Clay County. Independence is considered to be one of two Jackson County seats.

The area in which Independence is now located originally became part of the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. The following year, Lewis and Clark would stop in the area to pick fresh fruit. A frontier community began to form soon after, and the city was officially founded in 1827, becoming an important city on the American frontier. The city was once chosen to be the site of the temple of New Jerusalem by Mormon leader Joseph Smith, but he and his followers were driven out of the city by established residents. The city, however, remains important to the Mormon Church. Independence is also known for being a childhood home of Harry S. Truman. Before becoming President, he served as a Jackson County judge. Today, Independence is known for being a quiet Midwest city resting in the shadows of Kansas City.

Independence homes for sale are currently in a buyer’s market. Prices have sharply declined after 2006 and continue to decline. There are a large number of available homes in the city. Of the 50,213 total housing units, only 47,390 are occupied by residents. About 1,300 of these are Independence homes for sale. They sell for a median price of $98,000. The market also bears over 300 foreclosures on a continual basis with a median selling price of $87,000. The average listing price of Independence homes for sale is $117,000, and the average price per square foot after sales are final is $68. The demographics of Independence residents show an even spread through age groups, and 48 percent of households consist of married couples. The median household income in the city is $38,000.

The economy of Independence is largely based on the service and manufacturing industries. The largest employers within the city are Alliance Lake City and Independence Regional Health. Most residents commute to Kansas City for work.

Transportation in the city is a strong selling point for Independence homes for sale. The city is served by both I-70 and I-470. U.S. Routes 24 and 40 are major roadways. There are also a number of state highways that run through the city. The city is served by the Kansas City International Airport, which is located only 22 miles away. In addition, the city is served by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority and is on a major Amtrak route.

Those who buy Independence homes for sale will be served by four separate school districts that operate within the city, the biggest of which is the Independence School District. The others are Blue Springs, Fort Osage, and Raytown. There are four public high schools and one private high school in the city. The only institutions of higher learning are the Blue River Community College and a campus of Graceland University out of Lamoni, Iowa. However, the city has a large library system that includes the largest genealogy research center in the United States, the largest research library on American expansion, and the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library.

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