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Outdoor Light Sensor - Choosing the Best Outdoor Light Sensor - Intermatic Indoor/Outdoor Light Sensor, EasyComforts Outdoor Light Sensor, Sylvania SA200

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An outdoor light sensor is a great way for a homeowner to be sure that there will always be a light on outside his home. An outdoor light sensor also saves energy because it ensures that the outdoor light will be turned off, even after the homeowner has gone to sleep at night. Of course there are many different products available for those who are looking for an outdoor light sensor, so we have taken a closer look at three of them to determine how well they work.

Intermatic Indoor/Outdoor Light Sensor

Homeowners who just want a very basic light sensor should check out the basic sensor from Intermatic. It sells for around $7, so it is certainly a great budget option for someone who needs an inexpensive solution. However, remember that the very basic option also does not include a lot of features. The sensor turns on at dusk and then turns off six hours later. There are no dials or switches to adjust these settings, and this is the only option available on this sensor. One good thing about this sensor is that it does work with both fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. The sensor is very easy to install. Just screw the lightbulb into it and then screw the entire unit into the place where the lightbulb screws into the light fixture.

EasyComforts Outdoor Light Sensor

Another inexpensive option is the Outdoor Light Sensor Socket from EasyComforts. This product works the same way as the Intermatic one, except that the light sensor turns the light on at dusk and then off at dawn. This ensures that there will be an outdoor light on at the homeowner’s home all night long. The EasyComforts sensor sells for about $6, and it only works with standard incandescent bulbs. Customers who purchased the EasyComforts socket say that it works very well and provides an easy and inexpensive solution to a lighting problem outside their home. Customers also say that it is an extremely good value. Of course for a dollar more, it may be advisable to purchase the Intermatic version simple because it also works with fluorescent bulbs, although this may not be an issue if you know that all you have outside are incandescent bulbs.

Sylvania SA200

Homeowners who would like a little bit more control over their outdoor light sensor should check out the Sylvania SA200. This sensor only costs about $16, and it has both a light sensor and a timer on it. There are six different settings available on the timer, and homeowners can set it to turn their lights on at dusk and off at dawn. They can also set it to turn off two, four, six, or eight hours after it turns on. The timer is also great for holiday lights, and it has a lifetime warranty. The sensor can be mounted on the wall next to the light and electrical socket.

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