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Queen Bed Sheets - Good Deals on Queen Bed Sheets

Where to Find Quality Queen Bed Sheets

cotton count thread fiber

Quality queen bed sheets can be found at great prices if you know where to look. When you are choosing a sheet, look for a thread count of 250 or higher. Thread counts are important because they give the sheets durability and softness. The higher the thread count the softer and stronger the sheet. Thread counts are simply the number of threads per square inch of fabric and they are woven in such a way as one set goes one way and the other in the opposite direction. Thread counts can go as high as 1000 count, but the highest count made in the U.S. is 310. Fiber is another important factor. You want cotton sheets possibly from Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, or Supima. Supima is a product of Pima. Pima cotton is an Egyptian variety and is grown in the United States particularly in the southwestern region. Cotton is a great product because it keeps away moisture so that you do not get that clammy feeling at night. Be careful when you are purchasing sheets. Many companies put great emphasis on the thread count – and it is important – but not as important as the fiber.

In the Calvin Klein Home Bedding Line, you will find the Mini-Striped Queen Bed Sheets. These have a thread count of 180 and are made from 100% combed cotton. Combed cotton is specially treated before woven to give an extremely soft feel to the bed linen. Combed cotton is generally more expensive. Sheets for babies or the elderly are better if the cotton used is combed. A thread count of 180 is usually a normal, standard count and considered generic. These sheets are priced at approximately $60.00.

Martha Stewart has a great line of queen bed sheets. Look for the Martha Stewart Collection 600-Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheet Set. Sateen is a cotton fiber that has been soaked in sodium hydroxide and in an acid bath to make it stronger and softer. With sateen fabric the stitch is on one-side which gives your sheets a smoother, softer look. Stewarts bed sheets can range in price around $160.00 but look for them on sale if you are shopping on a budget. You can find Martha Stewart collections at Macy and K’Mart.

Laura Ashley has a Bloomsbury Mini Quilt Set – Full/Queen Bed Sheets, 250 thread count, 100% pre-washed cotton fiber. This fiber is pre-washed to reduce shrinkage and to remove any residual machine oil or skin oil from handling of the fabric. These sheets are in the price range of $95.00 and can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond or online at Laura Ashley BeddingStyle.com.

Olympic queen bed sheets fit an over-sized queen mattress and can be found at www.SoftLinens.com. If you are looking for Egyptian Cotton Sheets, you may find them at www.Horchow.com. Be aware that a double-ply sheet can be a cover-up to count the threads twice and give the manufacturer the ability to mark the price up when in reality the sheets are not realistically that thread count.

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