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Dump Truck Driver Jobs - Outlook and Salary for Dump Truck Driver Jobs - Responsibilities in Dump Truck Driver Jobs, Training for Dump Truck Driver Jobs

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Dump truck driver jobs are usually considered local driving jobs, and most dump truck drivers are employed by construction companies. The loads collected by dump trucks can be initially packed by machine or hand and they are unloaded through a hydraulic lift that causes the material to spill out a gate or chute. Dump truck driver jobs are physically demanding and are sought after by career truck drivers because they allow them to remain in the local area and hours are more reasonable than they are for over-the-road drivers.

Responsibilities in Dump Truck Driver Jobs

Dump truck driving jobs are necessary in any type of construction or any time small, bulk materials need to be transported. Dump truck drivers are responsible not only for driving but for picking up, delivering, and dumping loads. Dump truck driving is usually considered a heavy truck job, but some dump trucks are only light-duty. Very few dump truck driving jobs are long-haul, over-the-road jobs. The vast majority are local or regional jobs that allow the driver to go home each night. Most drivers are responsible for planning their routes from pickup to drop-off, but the routes are so limited, this is usually not a big deal.

Dump truck drivers are usually employed in the construction industry and work on jobs for private individuals, companies, or government entities that have contracted out the company. They usually work from morning to night, depending on the specific contract, the times available to work, and the urgency of job completion. Besides construction, dump truck drivers can work for the Department of Transportation, or hauling grain or other harvests for the agricultural industry.

Training for Dump Truck Driver Jobs

There are no formal educational requirements for being hired in dump truck driver jobs, although most companies prefer high school graduates. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) issued by the state is required for dump truck drivers. The exact type of CDL required varies by the size of the dump truck. Training courses are available for drivers who need to take their CDL test. These vocational courses cover both practical training and classroom instruction on laws and regulations. Many employers who hire for dump truck driver jobs provide one to three days of individual training.

Other qualifications for obtaining truck driver jobs include having a clean driving record, adequate vision, and being in moderately good physical condition. Drivers may not have been convicted of felony crimes or infractions involving driving while drunk or under the influence. Regular drug tests may be given to dump truck drivers as a safety measure.

Outlook and Salary for Dump Truck Driver Jobs

There are currently 2.7 million people employed in non-sales driving jobs. Those employed specifically as dump truck drivers are only a fraction of this total. Most statistical reports analyze only whether the truck is for heavy duty or light duty and not the specific type of truck. Light duty truck driving jobs are expected to grow by only 4 percent through 2018. Heavy-duty truck jobs, however, are expected to grow slightly higher than the national average for all jobs at 13 percent through 2018.

The median wages for heavy-duty truck drivers is $17.92 per hour, while the median wages for light-duty truck drivers is $13.27/hour. The low is $8.10/hour and the highest-paid drivers earn more than $27.07/hour. The national average annual salary for those with dump truck driving jobs, including overtime, bonuses, and profit-sharing is estimated to be in the range of $28,800 to $45,289.

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