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Used Motorcycle Trailer - Buying a Used Motorcycle Trailer

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When most people think of a motorcycle trailer, they think of a trailer pulled by a car or truck that is used to transport motorcycles. However, there is another type of motorcycle trailer that is pulled behind or beside a motorcycle and used to carry luggage or small cargo. A used motorcycle trailer is a more popular item than a new motorcycle trailer because there are so many on the market that have barely been used. A lot of new motorcyclists buy them thinking that they will come in handy. What usually happens is that they opt to take a car instead of their motorcycle whenever they have so much cargo that a trailer would be required.

A used motorcycle trailer is perfect for anyone who uses their motorcycle as their primary means of transportation. They are also good for those who like to take extended rides on their motorcycles while camping. In most other instances, they are not necessary and you will probably end up selling yours, too, if you should not fall into one of these categories.

There are several different types of used motorcycle trailer that can be found for sale. Choosing a used motorcycle trailer will first depend on the type you would like to buy. The first consideration to be made is whether to buy an open or a closed trailer. Closed trailers are the most popular. They either have a side door or a hinged roof door for loading and unloading. Open trailers leave your cargo exposed to the elements and they often require a set of ties to keep your things from blowing away or bouncing out as you ride.

The next consideration to make about the type of used motorcycle trailer to buy is whether it is a rear trailer or a sidecar trailer. Rear trailers are popular because they allow for unrestricted steering and maneuverability of the motorcycle. They are easy to hitch and unhitch and come with added features such as lights, chains, wire harnesses, and license plate holders. Those who choose sidecar-type trailers do so because they are more sporty-looking and provide for added stability instead of maneuverability.

Once you have decided on the type of used motorcycle trailer your want to buy, there are still factors that should be considered in determining if the model you are considering is the best one for you. Here are the factors that will determine if your motorcycle is suited to a particular used motorcycle trailer:

  • Weight – The weight of your motorcycle and your trailer are very important. You will need to know exactly how much your motorcycle is capable of pulling. The pulling power and weight of the motorcycle should be listed in the user manual. The total weight of the trailer and cargo should never exceed 300 lbs, even if your bike is mechanically capable of pulling more.
  • Width/Design – The total width of the trailer should not exceed the width of the motorcycle plus a set of hard saddlebags. Trailers with a slim, compact design conforming to aerodynamic specs will be easier to pull and ride with than wide, boxy trailers. Boxy pull trailers will not only create drag but they can cause dirt and exhaust to be blown forward, interfering with your sight and breathing.
  • Mechanical Build – The mechanics of the trailer are an important consideration. A rubber torsion suspension is recommended because it is durable and will help to make for a smoother ride by evening out the bumps. Rubber torsion suspensions are also easy to replace should they wear out. An independent rubber torsion suspension is even better. It keeps the axles independent of the wheels. Wheel size of the trailer wheels is also important. Small wheels will create a rougher ride and will wear out much sooner than larger wheels.
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