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Twin Futon Mattress - Choosing a Twin Futon Mattress

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Since the 1990s, futons have become a popular choice to replace the standard sofa in the living room and to replace the standard bed in the bedroom. When deciding upon a particular futon, the size will be the most important factor. Just as in standard beds, futons come in twin, full, queen, and king size. Of these sizes, full and queen are the most popular. Full futons are the typical size for a guest room. It can sleep one very comfortably and two in a squeeze. Queens are popular because they provide a lot of sleeping space while not taking up too much space. Even though it is not the most popular size, a twin futon mattress also has its benefits in certain situations.

A twin futon mattress is the best choice for single people or for situations where you need a bed for just one person. This size is large enough to accommodate anyone of 6 feet or taller, especially if they don’t do much tossing and turning. Although some adults will not be able to fit in this size, it will always be suitable for children and teenagers.

A twin futon mattress can come in several variations. It will normally be classified according the materials from which it is made. There are many different types of materials used by manufacturers of futon mattresses. Most are made out of at least two different materials. There is normally a fabric covering a separate padding. However, some mattresses can still be made of a single material. Some common materials used to make a twin futon mattress include cotton, wool, down/feathers, faux down, polyfill, or foam. Some types of twin futon mattress are simply padding while others may use a system of coils or springs. One of the newest types of twin futon mattress is the memory foam mattress. This material is lightweight but provides for a very comfortable sleep.

There are several top brands that manufacture a twin futon mattress. Some brands specialize in a single type of mattress made from a specific material while others manufacture several different types. Here are some examples of popular brands:

  • Gold Bond – Gold Bond produces 8-inch and 10-inch twin futon mattresses made of cotton or wool over a single or double-foam core. Prices range from $199 to $249.
  • Otis Bed – The Otis Bed twin futon mattress uses a foam core surround by a layer of polyester and a twill fabric outer layer. Prices range from $199 to $400 depending on quality, comfort and durability.
  • Simmons – The Simmons twin futon mattress is one of the most popular brands. They have a foam core supported by polyester with a blended cotton outer layer. Prices range from $180 to $300.
  • Ore – Ore twin futon mattresses are made with a poly-foam fill and a black cotton cover. It sells for $280.

Choosing the best twin futon mattress largely depends on your individual needs and your budget. It is best to purchase the mattress from a traditional store so you can test it out before you buy, but you can get better prices from discount online stores. Smart shoppers look and test at standard stores and then, after making a selection, they buy online.

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