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Florida Bar Association - The Florida Bar Association Online: A Handy Resource for ANY Floridian. - Finding Legal Help

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While many people think that the Florida Bar is just in charge of administering law exams, in actuality they also provide very valuable services to the general public as well. Did you know that the official Florida Bar web site has dozens of helpful tools and resources for the average consumer? You won’t need a law degree to figure out how useful some of these tools can be! In this guide, we will introduce you to the most useful resources that they provide. These tools can be indispensable when it comes time to find a new lawyer in the Florida area, when you run into civil strife, or even when you’re looking to build your credit.

Finding Legal Help

First up is finding a lawyer in your area. It should come as no big surprise that the Bar Association can help you with this – after all, they’re the ones who made them lawyers! They are also the organization responsible for keeping tabs on all lawyers across the state of Florida, so you can find dependable and up-to-date information using their online search. If you already have a lawyer in mind that you want contact information for, just enter their last name. Or if you have no idea where to start, enter in your city name to get your search going.

This should be an essential step for anyone who is looking for legal help in Florida. Because through this site, not only can you look up names and contact information, you can also look up information on their license status, disciplinary history, and more.

Checking Out Your Existing Lawyer (Or Vetting a New One)

Here’s where the usefulness of this tool really comes into play. Once you have found a potential candidate (or candidates) to represent you, you can then delve deeper to find out more about their legal history. If you already have legal help but have never used this tool, there’s no time like the present!

The Florida Bar’s detailed information page (just click on the name of any lawyer in the search results) will show you exactly when the lawyer was admitted and what his or her current standing with the Bar is. You can also look up the lawyer’s ten-year discipline history, which will show you all actions taken by the Bar against the lawyer for the last ten years. As a potential client, these are need-to-know items!

As an extra little bonus, the Florida Bar also offers a “vCard” tool that allows you to quickly import all contact information for your chosen lawyer to your email clients list. Done and done – no typos, no problem.

Useful Consumer Information and Tips

The Florida Bar also has a big section of free online consumer helps for a variety of topics. These can be very helpful, not to mention a lot cheaper than an actual consultation!

Look on their site to find pamphlets that offer legal guidelines on intellectual property, civil issues, real estate, immigration, wills and estate laws, and a whole bunch more. You can also find help on more consumer-oriented issues like credit, fraud protection, contract guidelines, and even car buying tips. They are definitely worth a read if you live in Florida and are dealing with any of these issues. Take advantage!

Legal Aid and Pro Bono Assistance

Through the Florida Bar’s site, you can find helpful information on finding legal aid and pro-bono (no-cost) assistance. They will also guide you to FloridaLawHelp for a large listing of legal firms that provide this type of assistance, sortable by name, location, and service area. They can help you figure out if you qualify for this type of aid, as well as show you the right people to talk to in order to get it. For low-income Florida residents, this can be a big help.

That’s it for this guide to the average citizen’s handy resources on the Florida Bar home page. Use these wisely to help save you a whole lot of potential headaches in the future! You’ll be glad you did.

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