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Security Video Recorder - Choosing a DVR Security Video Recorder

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Video surveillance systems are an important part of home and business security. Unfortunately, many home and business owners have let their systems fall out-of-date. A simple way to extend the life and functionality of your system is to add a new DVR security video recorder. Replacing your old VCR video recorder will make your system more flexible and more efficient.

There are several benefits in replacing your old recorder with a new DVR security video recorder. Here are some of the new options and benefits you will get from your new security video recorder:

  • Efficiency – A DVR is much more efficient than a VCR security video recorder. There are no tapes that need changing on a daily basis, so there is no need for a cassette organization system. You will gain a lot of extra shelf space without all those cassettes. The recording on a DVR is done digitally on an internal hard drive that can handle more than a weekly tape system. You should always purchase a DVR that has pentaplex operation. This will allow you to record, playback, and control the unit all at the same time. There is no more stopping of the recording in order to view tapes.
  • QualityDVR recording is of much higher quality than what can be captured on a VHS tape. Quality can be extremely important, especially if there is any distance involved in the area surveyed by your cameras. A DVR with a 250GB hard drive is enough for 84 hours of high-quality video on a four-camera system.
  • Viewing Options – You will have more viewing options with a DVR security video recorder. With a tape system, your options are limited. A DVR system captures the feeds from all cameras simultaneously, so you can display the feeds full-screen one at a time, in a split screen, picture-in-picture, or in a multi-camera display. DVRs can also be used to mark security events so you can easily check for movement, light, or other events you program to be watched for.
  • Camera Capacity – With a DVR-based security video recorder, you can have up to 32 cameras on a single unit. This can help you centralize a large security system that was formerly departmentalized. You can also get DVRs with lower maximums, such as 4, 8, or 16 cameras.
  • Remote Controls and Alerts Many DVR units can be controlled remotely through an internet connection. You can also get alerts or reports sent to you via email so you can check for irregularities from your hotel or without having to go to the site of the alert. Some of the new models of security video recorder can be controlled from an iPhone, Blackberry, or other smart phone.

There are three basic types of DVR security video recorder. The type that is best for you will differ depending on your specific needs and your level of expertise with computers and/or electronics.

1. Stand-alone security video recorder – This device has everything you need to record and control your surveillance system. These devices appear to be very similar to a home DVR, cable box, or Tivo unit. They are popular because they require no special knowledge or training to operate.

2. PC DVR – This is a card-like device that attaches to the ports on your personal computer. It allows your PC to perform all of the functions of a stand-alone security video recorder. Depending on the level of features you need, prices range from $100 to $1,500. High-end PC DVRs can record 16 cameras simultaneously at a 30 frames per second.

3. DVR kit – With a kit, you can use your knowledge of electronics to build your own DVR security recorder. This allows you the most flexibility because you can build a system that exacty meets your criteria.

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