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European Golf Tour - Your Guide to Finding the Perfect European Golf Tour - Golf Europe, World Golf, Premiere Golf Experiences, Golf Breaks

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Do you or someone you know absolutely love golf? Say, enough to plan an entire holiday around it? In a foreign country?? Well then, friend, a European golf holiday is for you! You’d be surprised at the amount of different services that offer special golfers getaways. They can range from simple golf and bed & breakfast vacations to elaborate, all-inclusive golf resort splurges. (And rest assured, the prices will vary accordingly). But the good part about this is that there is something to fit everybody’s varied tastes and budgets. In this guide, we have assembled a list of the top golf-vacation package providers in Europe. Take a look around and see which one sounds best, and then have a look at their site. You could be booking your dream golf tour in no time!

Golf Europe

If you’re unfamiliar with golfing in Europe (both traditions and the courses themselves), Golf Europe is a great way to begin your search. Firstly, for those with their heart set on a certain country, Golf Europe has an interactive map where you can browse the golfing details for any country that you like. And not only do they tell you what courses are available, they also go the extra mile to introduce you to the overall golfing philosophy and tradition in each country. You can search for courses by region or by name, and they even offer reader comments and rating functionality on each course. First-timers should check out their Golf in Europe guide to get an introduction to golfing traditions in Europe as a whole, plus some tips on the best places to tee off. And of course, they offer Europe golf packages that include luxury accommodations and some of the best courses you’ll ever see.

World Golf

And then we have World Golf’s Destination Europe page, which gives you a personal look into the magic of some of the best courses available. They hand-pick the most intriguing courses and write full, in-depth reviews of each, including pictures of each hole. Just try to read through an entire review without being tempted to go, we dare you! Then you can view their Golf Packages Directory to find the tour package that best fits your golf dreams. That’s not all World Golf’s site is good for, either – you’ll find that it comes in very handy when looking up a course in your own neighborhood. With expansive reader reviews, they make it much easier to find the “diamonds in the rough”.

Premiere Golf Experiences

Premiere Golf Experiences offers a more customized, in-depth golf vacation strategy. They offer specialized service specifically for golf vacations, and you’ll be surprised at how far they go to make your dreams come true. Because they have dedicated travel consultants devoted to each area, they primarily focus on Ireland and Scotland packages. This is where they have established the most in-depth itineraries. But if your dreams include Spain or the British Isles, don’t hesitate to ask.

If you do go with one of their planned itineraries, they will take it upon themselves to make sure that’s the last thing you have to take care of. They will get your rental car, arrange your hotel stays, meals, and of course your golf rounds. These guys have been doing custom golf vacations for quite a while now, so they’ve got it down to a science. If a huge extravagant vacation isn’t in your financial future, give them a call anyway and see what they can arrange. You might be surprised at what you can do on a budget!

Golf Breaks

Just like the name says, Golf Breaks is devoted to helping you find the perfect course for your hard-earned vacation. While they do offer golf tours and specials which definitely deserve a look, we recommend using the site as a secret weapon for a build-it-yourself golf vacation. With Golf Breaks’ star ratings system and in-depth user reviews, you can be sure of never winding up with a dud. Get real information from real golfers so you can hand-pick only the top courses in your vacation area. For do-it-yourself advocates, this tool should be at the top of your list. After you’ve found the perfect courses, then all you need to do is find a good bed and breakfast in the area, and you practically have your vacation made!

That’s it for this guide to the top European golf tour resources on the web. Use these tools wisely, and soon you’ll be teeing off in the Old Country just like you always dreamed!

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The European Golf tour provides premier golf travel experiences for all.

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