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Cheap Hosting Package - Choosing a Cheap Hosting Package

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In the 1990s and early 2000s, it was easy to find reliable and cheap website hosting. At the turn of this century, the landscape of the internet changed dramatically. Web hosting packages skyrocketed and subsequently the internet graveyard was born, as webmasters could no longer afford hosting their sites. A lot of that knowledge, information, and entertainment became forever lost except in rare instances where someone else hosted a ghost in a virtual museum for sites long dead.

Today, there are web hosting packages available all over the board. They can be cheap and low on features at one end of the spectrum and expensive but feature-filled at the other. The problem is that there are so many companies with a cheap hosting package, it can be next to impossible to find one that meets your standards.

There are several criteria to consider when looking to subscribe to a cheap hosting package. First of all, you don’t want to choose a web hosting company that no one has ever heard of. This is a surefire way not only to throw away your money but to compromise the security of your website and your own personal security, as well. Many new webmasters have found out the hard way that the host they went with was nothing more than a scammer. Not only did they begin receiving hundreds of spam emails full of viruses and Trojan horses every day, but they soon began to discover charges being made on the credit card they use to pay for the cheap hosting plan. To avoid this, always check with reputable web host reviewers before making a choice.

Most reviewers will not even bother to list a web host company that has been found to be a scammer. As they say, any publicity can be good publicity, so it is best not to even mention their names. This narrows down the field of possible choices for a cheap hosting package immensely. Now, you are free to compare only legitimate companies for the best package. Most reviewers will list web host providers in a ranking system. Use their top ten lists as your starting point. Often those companies in the top spot are not the best for your specific needs.

Here are some of the considerations to factor into your decision for a cheap hosting package:

1. Rate – This is probably the first factor you will notice after the name of the company. Don’t put too much weight on the lowest-priced service.

2. Reliability – If you want people to recognize your website as serious and professional, you need a host that can give you the maximum amount of uptime. 99.9% uptime is the bare minimum that should be considered acceptable. In the world of the Internet, even 99.0% is grossly inadequate.

3. Speed – Find some example websites that are on the host’s servers and see how fast they load. Many companies offering a cheap web hosting package have slow-responding servers. Your potential visitors could become frustrated and click away before your page even loads.

4. Disk Space – Consider how much disk space you need for your website, including some extra for expansion. You can find a cheap web hosting package with unlimited disk space, but this doesn’t mean they have the best service.

5. Data Transfer – This is an important factor because if you don’t have adequate data transfer allowances, you may find your website has shut down or you are being charged exorbitant overage fees.

6. Support – The company you choose should have several methods for contacting customer service and technical support. Ideally, contact and help should be free and available 24/7 through email or by telephone.

7. Features – If you are not an expert webmaster and you plan on running the website yourself, you can benefit greatly from extra features such as scripts for specialized web pages and website-building tools.

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