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Three Rivers Hotels - Get Aways at Three Rivers Hotels

Scenic Three Rivers Hotels

sequoia national park visit

The picturesque Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and the Sequoia National Park give Three Rivers, CA, rich views and scenic landscapes. The Sequoia and King Canyan National Parks are managed as one park although they are actually two different parks. You will explore trails that take you through the sequoia groves or visit Yosemite National Park with all its many waterfalls, meadows, forests, and the Mariposa Grove (ancient giant sequoias). Three Rivers hotels blend into the natural scenery, allowing you to witness nature at its best.

If you are looking for a relaxing time nestled in nature, this Three Rivers hotel can make your stay enjoyable. Lazy J Ranch, located at 39625 Sierra Drive Hwy.198, Three Rivers, California (559) 561-4449, offers its guest an opportunity to experience the rustic, natural terrain in a peaceful setting. Enjoy river rafting on the Kaweah River, which runs on the edge of the Lazy J Ranch property; swim in the outdoor swimming pool; or relax by the fireplace and read a good book. There are 5 cottages with kitchens, 18 guestrooms, and 2 guestrooms with kitchens. Pets are welcomed for a fee of $5.00 per day. Prices vary according to seasons and number of guests. Call for more information or visit the website at www.bvilazyj.com.

The Sequoia Motel strives to personalize everyone’s stay. You will be on a first name basis with the staff and other guests before you leave. The rustic rooms and natural surroundings make this a must stay choice, Located at 43000 Sierra Drive, Three Rivers, California, (559) 561-4453, you will enjoy the hiking trails, the close proximity to the Redwood Forests and Sequoia National Park, and the chance to relish life and slow down from the pace of the city. The flower gardens are a favorite among guests who want to sit and observe wildlife while relaxing in its beauty. There are 14 guestrooms and/or cabins for you to choose the environment that best suits your wishes. Rooms and cabins fill quickly, so if you are planning to visit the wonderful folks at Sequoia Motel, make your reservations far in advance.

Only 1/4 mile from the Sequoia National Park entrance, Buckeye Tree Lodge sits on the banks of the Kaweah River. The outdoor swimming pool and the huge Sycamore Tree on the property offer cooling solutions for guests. The walking trails and the views of wildlife make each day an adventure at The Lodge. Breakfast is included daily with fresh fruit, homemade muffins, coffee, and juice. Of the Three River hotels in the Sequoia area, Buckeye Tree Lodge was voted the Best Family Lodging in the Three Rivers and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks. The address and phone number for this hotel is 46000 Sierra Drive, (559) 561-5900.

Finding time for family and ways to reconnect as a couple are difficult in a fast paced world that doesn’t slow down for anyone. Three Rivers accomplishes that and so much more. You will have the time of your life in nature and with each other. Visit one of the wonderful Three Rivers hotels and experience life in a totally new way.

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