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Family Feud Game Online - Playing the Family Feud Game Online

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One of the most popular American game shows in the history of game shows is Family Feud, so it is no wonder that the Family Feud game online has attracted such a following of players. The Family Feud online game is the most authentic version yet. Using the new technology available, the current version uses a huge database of questions and answers that are continuously updated through player polls.

The original Family Feud first aired in 1976, starring the amiable host, Richard Dawson. Later versions were hosted by Louie Anderson, Richard Karn, and Steve Harvey. The game features two teams of five people. Each member of a team must also be a member of the same family. Extended family members are allowed. A question is posed and each team vies to provide the hidden answers on the board. The reason why there are multiples answers is because the answers are not based on fact, but they are based on the answers given the show by a survey of 100 other people. Each answer is worth a number of points depending on how many people gave that answer in the survey.

Control of the board for each question is decided by a one-on-one showdown. Once the question is revealed, the first player to hit their buzzer has a chance to provide the first answer. The other showdown participant also has a chance to give an answer after that. The family that gets the top answer gets control of the board. They have the option to take control or pass it to the other team if they believe it is a particularly difficult question. The family then must answer all the questions before they get three strikes (wrong answers). Each family member is asked in turn, and they cannot receive help from other family members. If they don’t complete the board, they forfeit all points earned and the other family has a chance to reveal at least one answer remaining on the board to steal all the points. The family can confer on their answer for the steal.

The show ends with two members of the winning team going on to play for Fast Money. The first team member gets 20 seconds to answer five questions while the second team member is in isolation. Then, the second team member gets 25 seconds to answer the same questions. If they score more than 200 points, the family wins the top prize, which ranges from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the year/version of the show.

This format proved difficult to emulate in a Family Feud game online. It was finally decided that the game would be only in one-player or two-player format. This made the game easier to play by not requiring a full 10 players. Later, a full family vs. family mode was introduced that allowed for the full 10 players. In the family vs. family mode, you are introduced into a standard gaming lobby where you can create a private game if you already have enough players for your team, or you can join a generic, open family team. Family membership requirements have been waived for the Family Feud online game.

The essence of the online game is in its database of questions and answers. It was decided that full answers would be required by players typing them in through a keyboard. For the most part, the game does pretty well with handling alternative words for the same answer, but every now and then you will come across a common alternate word that is not linked to the correct answer or a word will unlock an answer that is totally unrelated.

The Family Feud online game is done using Flash, and it can be found on dozens of websites that host online games. There is both a limited free version and a paid version. The price for the paid version ranges from buying a monthly subscription for the website in whole for $9.99/month to a one-time fee of $19.99. With some versions, a small download of the game engine is required to play.

The Family Feud online game has gained a recent surge in popularity after having released an all new version tweaked for social networking on Facebook. This version is one player, but it requires a second player to complete the second round of Fast Money for you to win.

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