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Key West Homes For Sale - Searching for Key West Homes for Sale - Old Town, New Town, Stock Island

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Shopping for Key West homes for sale is an adventure that will end with a bright new home on the beach. However, it helps to know a bit about Key West before you start shopping. Key West can typically be divided into three different areas: Old Town, New Town, and Stock Island. Understanding a bit about all three of these areas can help immensely when it comes to finding Key West homes for sale.

Of course as with all areas that have a lot of beaches, remember that property that faces the water will come at a much higher premium than property that is entirely landlocked.

Old Town

Old Town is the historic district of Key West, although there are plenty of new buildings located there also. Anyone who is looking for a home that is embedded in historic architecture will definitely want to look for Key West homes for sale in Old Town. Home prices in Old Town certainly do span quite a large range, although Old Town is definitely more expensive than New Town or Stock Island. Home prices range from the upper $300,000 range up into the $5 million range. Some of these homes offer original architecture from the turn of the century, while others are newer.

New Town

New Town is the largest portion of Key West, covering most of what is not part of Old Town. New Town is home to the city’s shopping centers and grocery stores. Home buyers who are looking for Key West homes for sale in New Town do not necessarily care about the historic feel of Old Town, but they may be wanting to save a little money. There are many condos located in New Town, and their prices usually are around $175,000. A standard single family home in New Town usually starts around $200,000 and goes up from there. However, the lower priced homes in New Town are typically older homes or prefabricated homes. Home buyers should expect to spend at least $300,000 for an updated single family home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and at least 1,200 square feet. Home buyers who want more space will have to spend upwards of $350,000.

Stock Island

Stock Island is within the city limits of Key West, although most locals do not consider it a part of the city. Stock Island is actually an island that is separate from Key West, although it is connected by a bridge. Many shoppers who have a more artistic bent will look for homes on Stock Island, which is home to the local botanical garden and the Tennessee Williams Fine Arts Center. Home prices and styles in Stock Island are very similar to New Town, with home buyers having to spend at least $350,000 if they want more than 1,200 square feet of space. There are also plenty of condos available in Stock Island, although the condos do tend to be priced a bit higher than those in New Town.

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