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Little Tikes Train - Purchasing the Little Tikes Train - Price and Availability, Features, Customer Reviews

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The official name of the Little Tikes Train is the Fold Up ‘n’ Go Train. This toy train is recommended for children between the ages of 18 months and four years old. However, Toys R Us believes that the age should only go up to three years old because the retailer feels that only younger children will enjoy this toy. Here are some more basic facts about the Little Tikes Train.

Price and Availability

The Little Tikes train sells for about $25, and it is available from many common retailers, including Toys R Us and Amazon. The train is also available directly from the manufacturer for parents who want to save three dollars. In most cases, this toy can be easily found in a store or shipped from an online retailer in just a day or two.


Children can press on all three characters that ride in the train to hear what life sounds like on the rails. The train itself is motorized, and it works both on the tracks and off. The train does require three AAA batteries, which must be purchased separately. Also the train track does fold up so parents and children can take it with them.

The size of the Little Tikes train is about 19 and a quarter inches by four and a half inches. It is a foot tall, and the box is about a foot and a half by nine and a half inches. The train track itself weighs about 3 pounds, but the entire box weighs about four and a half pounds.

Customer Reviews

The Little Tikes train set has been around for many years, and it has become a classic toy. Of course plenty of parents have a lot to say about the toy. Their number one complaint is that it is a bit flimsy. However, most parents say that their children love to play with it. They say the train comes off the track frequently, especially when going around one of the turns, and sometimes it can be a bit difficult for very young children to operate. The good news about this toy is that it is extremely portable, so parents can always bring something fun for their child to do wherever they are going.

Children usually love the sounds that the toy makes. The engineer makes a tooting sound, and the elephant and monkey both make animal sounds. Children can also lower the signal posts whenever they want the train to stop. Then simply raising them back up will start the train moving again.

Overall, most parents say that this train does not meet up with the usual quality of Little Tikes toys. They say that most toys from Little Tikes last a lot longer and work much better than this train set. However, children do seem to love it, and it is easy to see why the train set has been around for so long.

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