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Vitamin A Acne - Vitamin A Acne Treatments

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Acne vulgaris is the most common skin disease in the United States. It occurs mostly in adolescent youths and young adults, but it can afflict anyone of any age at any time. While the exact cause of acne has never been determined, scientists have discovered how it occurs and some factors that greatly increase the risk of acne and can hinder the treatment of acne. A cure for acne is just as elusive as the cause, and acne treatments are a billion dollar industry in the United States. This is primarily because there is no effective cure and desperate people go from product to product in hopes of relief. Vitamin A acne treatment is just one of the methods that have been used, but the success rate is just as indeterminable as any of the other treatments.

Although the health risk from acne is infinitesimally small, it is so dreaded because it primarily affects the facial area. Acne can manifest in one or more forms, with the most common being red, inflamed pustules. Smaller colored blemishes known as blackheads and whiteheads can also form, and in severe cases, large, disfiguring cysts can develop.

It is known that acne results on the skin at the hair follicles. The hair follicles become blocked with natural oils, dead skin cells, and dirt. This blockage causes the sebaceous glands to produce more oils and eventually the site becomes inflamed and infected. Most cases of acne have been linked to hormonal changes, thus the tendency for it to occur in adolescents. Acne has also been linked to genetics, but contrary to popular belief, there is absolutely no link between acne and diet. Eating chocolate or greasy foods does not cause or worsen acne except in cases where the face is touched excessively with dirty, greasy hands.

One of the many treatments used to fight off or prevent acne is the use of vitamin A acne treatments. Vitamin A is fat soluble and important to general health. It is beneficial for the eyes, maintaining hormone balance, and for bones, teeth, and skin. Vitamin A is readily available from a variety of food sources. The best sources are animal sources such as fish, fish oil, and liver. Vegetable sources of vitamin A include carrots, cantaloupe, mango, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, thyme, and sweet potatoes.

For vitamin A acne treatments, many people prefer to take supplements. The maximum dose of most vitamin A supplements is 5000 IU. Doctors do not recommend taking more than this, but some sources claim that doses of up to 15,000 IU are required to treat acne. Some studies have been done that have shown vitamin A acne treatment to be effective at ultra-high doses of 300,000 to 500,000 IU per day. The problem is that at this dosage, vitamin A is highly toxic. When the dose is this high, it gets stored in the body’s fat instead of being excreted quickly like water-soluble vitamins. When taken for extended periods, severe liver and nerve damage can occur.

Other side effects from high-dose vitamin A acne treatments include severe and persistent headaches, fatigue, nausea, irritability, fever, sweating, and mental changes. It is medically accepted that any doses of vitamin A over what is used for general health causes more harm than good. Some acne treatment marketers have tried to use vitamin A’s good name to make topical creams that are high in vitamin A. There is no evidence that vitamin A applied topically to the skin does anything to prevent or treat acne.

Always be careful and consult a doctor before trying any acne treatment, even if it sounds as harmless as vitamin A acne treatment. Vitamin A can be dangerous at the doses some treatments provide.

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