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Window Roman Shades - The Benefits of Windows with Roman Shades

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Of all the types of dressings for windows, Roman shades are perhaps the most elegant. Roman shades are also known as fabric shades, and they are a hybrid of fabric drapes and hard shades made of plastic or wood. Although there are an abundant different types of window Roman shades, most of them are made with fabric in vertical panels that are raised and lowered with a system of internal cords brought together in a master operating cord. Some types of Roman shades are simply fabric sewn in various styles with a cord that bunches the fabric up from the bottom as it lifts. Other types use horizontal rods or flat spacers to separate the fabric into panels that fold up onto each other when raised.

There are several benefits in having windows with Roman shades. Here are some of those benefits:

Roman shades are a very inexpensive option for window treatments. They are much less expensive than full draperies, and they are also less expensive than all but the bottom-line of standard shades. Their affordability allows for a buyer to select high-quality fabrics that can greatly enhance a room. For small windows, Roman shades start at about $20 and for the most part, even the most luxurious can be purchased for under $100.

The great variety of styles, fabrics, and patterns that can be used for Roman shades is staggering, so a choice can be made that will complement any room with any type of windows. Roman shades, whether they are made with hard-framed rolling stacks, soft bunching loops, will bring out the best qualities of any décor or focal point. In some situations, the Roman shades can even serve as the focal point of a room with large windows. They can even be used as a backdrop in a combination window dressing with curtains.

Light Control
The light control of Roman shades is largely based on the type of fabric used and how it is stitched. Canvas and tightly-woven fabrics make for shades that can be totally or close to opaque. This, of course, is not always desired, so lighter fabrics can make Roman shades more of a light filter than a light blocker. These thin and wispy fabrics are often highlighted by the light, giving them an appearance that is close to stained glass. In some cases, Roman shades can have back liners that can be controlled independently so that the shades can be used both for filtering light and blocking it when necessary.

Windows with Roman shades and Roman shades themselves are very easy to clean. Cleaning the windows is as simple as rolling up the shades. The shades actually protect the window from attracting as much dirt and dust as they would if they were bare for with slatted shades. Because most shades are supported vertically by the cords, and horizontally by extra stitching or rods, they can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth or with a vacuum cleaner. Handheld steamers are also very easy to use on Roman shades and clean them well.

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