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Remote Desktop Router - How to Configure a Remote Desktop Router

firewall port connection address

For many, configuring Windows Remote Desktop Connection can be a baffling experience. Even if you follow all of the directions in setting it up through Windows, it often does not work. This is because, for most systems, the setup doesn’t stop with Windows. Your router and firewall are probably blocking the connection, so it is necessary to configure your Remote Desktop router and firewall to work with the program and allow the incoming connection.

Before you configure your Remote Desktop router, you must first configure your firewall. This includes Windows Firewall and any additional, third-party firewalls you may be running. Your third-party firewall will have to be configured by manually adding UDP port 3389 to the list of authorized ports for internet traffic. If you are planning on using Remote Desktop with web browser access, you will also have to add TCP port 80. Doing this differs for each specific firewall, so you may have to consult the manual for your particular brand.

To set up Windows Firewall, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Control Panel through the Start menu.

2. From the categorized view of Control Panel options, choose Security and click the option labeled “Allow a Program through Windows Firewall.”

3. A window will display for Windows Firewall Settings. Click the tab labeled General.

4. Uncheck the box marked to Block All Incoming Connections. If it is already unchecked, leave it so.

5. Now go to the Exceptions tab. At the bottom will be an item marked Remote Desktop. Check this box to add the program as a firewall exception.

6. Click the option to Add Port. Give the exception a name, such as Remote Desktop Connection, and port 80. Under Protocol, choose TCP.

7. Click OK to finalize the firewall setup.

Once the firewall has been setup, you are now ready to configure your Remote Desktop router. You can access your router directly from your web browser, but the details on this configuration will vary depending on the exact router you have.

Here are the steps for setting up the Remote Desktop router:

1. Open your web browser and enter the IP address of the router in the address bar. This address will usually be in the form of a number, such as Sometimes, though, the address will be alphabetic characters. It will be listed in your user manual or on the bottom of the router. Alternatively, you can open Control Panel through the Start Menu. Click the option for Network and Internet. Then, choose to View Network Status. Under your active networks listing, you should have one that is Access Type: Internet and Connections: Local Area Connection. Click the Local Area Connection Link. From the Local Area Connection Status window that displays, click the Details button. The address listed as the Default Gateway is your router address.

2. You will then be prompted for your router username and password for access. If you have never accessed your router, you will need to find the default values from your user manual. The username is usually “admin”, but the password can vary. It can be “password”, “admin”, “123456”, or something altogether different.

3. Once you have accessed your router settings, there will be a link or tab labeled Virtual Server, Port Forwarding, or something very similar. Entering the port forwarding data, which is the same as the firewall setting you just configured, will differ for each router. You may need to enter a name for the port forwarding rule. You will then need to enter UDP port 3389 and TCP port 80.

4. You will be asked which computer to which you want each port forwarded. You may be able to choose a computer through a menu, or you may have to enter the computer manually. However, the computers are labeled by their Local Area Connection IP addresses. To get your computer’s IP address, follow the instructions above to get back to the Local Area Connection Status window. Your IP address will be listed in the details.

5. After the ports are forwarded, there will be a button to save the configuration or to apply the configuration. Do so, and you can now close your browser.

Your Remote Desktop router is now configured for use.

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