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Engineering Jobs In Florida - Companies with Engineering Jobs in Florida - ThinkEnergyGroup.com, GE, DRS Technologies, Other Companies

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Searching for engineering jobs in Florida is quite a huge task. There are many Florida companies that hire engineers, and many of them use recruiting agencies. This can make it a bit difficult to discover where all the engineering jobs in Florida are. We have compiled a list of some of the top employers for engineers in Florida.


While this company is not a true engineering employer, they are a recruitment agency, and they do hold connections to many engineering companies in Florida. Often one of the best places for an engineer to start is with a recruitment agency like ThinkEnergyGroup. This agency focuses solely on engineers, so you can be sure that they also pay salaries that are competitive with what engineers get paid. Also putting in a resume with an engineering recruitment agency is a great way to find out about jobs all over Florida rather than just in one area.


Another great place to find engineering jobs in Florida is at GE. Many of the engineering jobs at GE locations in Florida fall under GE Technology Infrastructure, which is a part of the larger GE. The company looks for engineers of all kinds, including software engineers, chemical engineers, and engineers in various technical fields like radio frequency or systems. Many of the engineering jobs at GE are located in Melbourne, Florida, although there are a few in other parts of the state like Jacksonville and Pensacola.

DRS Technologies

DRS Technologies is another engineering firm that has a lot of positions in Florida. DRS is a contractor that supplies electronic defense systems to both government and commercial organizations. The company is often looking for electrical engineers, software engineers, and mechanical engineers. Most of the engineering positions at DRS are located in either Fort Walton Beach or in West Melbourne.

Other Companies

There are also many other Florida companies that do need an engineer from time to time, although they do not hire engineers as often as the companies that have already been mentioned. Pepsico does have a few engineering positions in Florida, as do Intel and Motorola, although these positions are scattered throughout the state.

There are also a few smaller engineering firms that are located in Florida. These firms do not have the prestige of GE or DRS, but they are a great place for engineers to start out. Parametric Solutions is a smaller firm that works on product design, including everything from aerospace to tools, or anything else that requires a product design for a patent. Parametric Solutions is located in the city of Jupiter, and they hire aerodynamics and design engineers. Also BCI Engineers and Scientists in Lakeland, Florida occasionally has some engineering positions available.

One last firm that seems to have a lot of engineering positions available most of the time is Lender Processing Services, which provides mortgage and settlement processing services. This company is typically looking for software engineers. Lender Processing Services is located in Jacksonville.

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