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Sql Server Backup Database - Important Facts about SQL Server Backup Database - Connect to the right database, The Back Up dialogue box

choose databases click default

An SQL Server Backup Database is an important step in making sure that all of your files are backed up. The easiest way to back up a database in an SQL server is to perform a full backup. The process is the same for both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000. Here are the steps to performing an SQL server backup database.

Connect to the right database

The first thing to do is to make sure that you connect to the appropriate database. In Object Explorer, click on the appropriate server. Expand the databases and choose either one of the user databases or one of the system databases. Then right click the database you want to back up, and choose tasks. Under Tasks, click Back Up, which will bring up a new dialogue box.

The Back Up dialogue box

Once you are in the Back Up dialogue box, then make sure to choose full. This will ensure that all of the files on the database are backed up. It is the most thorough and easiest type of database backup that can be performed. Under Backup Component, choose Database. You then have to name the new database, and you can either leave the default name or type a new name into the box provided. If you need to type a description of the database in the Description box, then do so. It is also possible to just leave it blank.

Back up settings

The next step is to specify some very important settings on the backup database you are creating. First you have to set the date the backup will expire. There is a default option available, or you can choose an earlier or later date, depending on how often you back up the databases on your SQL server. If you have several databases to back up and you want to change the default date, then right click the server name in Object Explorer and go to properties. There you can choose Database Settings and change the default date, which will affect all of the databases on that SQL server.

Next you have to choose where the database will be backed up to. The choices are disk or tape. You will have to add your disk drives in order to back up to those drives. To add them, just click Add and choose the appropriate paths in the Backup To box. You can also remove any additional backup locations that you do not wish to write the database to.

Advanced Options

Next it is time to take care of the advanced options. This page is available by clicking Options in the Select a Page box. You will need to set the Overwrite Media choice, which is either Append to or Overwrite all. Append to is the default, and this option essentially starts wherever the last backup left off and copies everything new after that last backup. In some cases, you might want to completely wipe out the last backup and create a completely new database backup. If this is what you need to do, change Append To to Overwrite All.

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