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Bluffton Homes For Sale - Searching for Bluffton Homes for Sale - Bluffton Homes for sale under $200,000

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Finding Bluffton homes for sale is a real adventure, whether you are looking for a vacation home close to the beach or if you simply need a new place to live. Bluffton, South Carolina is close to the Hilton Head area, which is very well-known among beach-goers. Searching for Bluffton homes for sale is a big task that becomes much easier when you understand a little bit about the real estate market in the Bluffton area. Most home buyers should expect to spend right around $200,000, or perhaps a bit more.

Bluffton Homes for sale under $200,000

Pretty much all homes in the Bluffton, SC area sell for over $100,000, and most of them are listed right around $200,000. In fact the average price for most homes sold in Bluffton is right at $200,000. Homes that are sold for less than $200,000 tend to be a bit older, although usually only a decade or less. These homes also tend to be small, usually between 1500 and 1900 square feet. They often have three or four bedrooms and two bathrooms, although they are few and far between. If you do happen across a well-maintained home for less than $200,000 in the Bluffton area, then be sure to latch onto it quickly.

One exception to the $200,000 rule is condos. Bluffton area condos are typically priced from $50,000 and up, with most of them being priced right around $100,000. The nice thing about purchasing a condo rather than a single family home is the fact that they come with some nice community amenities like swimming pools and fitness centers. A condo may not be a bad idea for a couple who wants a vacation home but does not want to spend $200,000 or more to purchase a home that is the size of their current home. Of course there are not as many condos as there are single family homes in Bluffton, but there are still a comfortable number of them available throughout the city.

Bluffton Homes between $200,000 and $300,000

The greatest majority of Bluffton homes for sale are listed between $200,000 and $300,000. These homes typically have at least 2,000 square feet, and a few of them are new construction. They are also scattered all over the Bluffton area, so home buyers can expect to find a home in this price range in just about any neighborhood they are looking in.

Bluffton Homes over $300,000

Once home prices reach $300,000, the number of available homes starts to taper off. Of course homes that are right on the water will be much more expensive than homes that are not. Also many newly constructed homes are priced over $300,000, especially if they are larger than 2,500 square feet. Currently more people in Bluffton are purchasing older homes rather than newly constructed ones, so it may be possible to find a new home for not much more than a home that is several years old.

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over 6 years ago

My home is 2000 sq. feet and built new in 2000, but occupied as first buyer may 2001. My home I wish would go for at least 200,000. Where are you getting your prices? I bought it for 155900 and added a beautiful sunroom with skylights. Please let me know what you could tell me for a price. It is 3 bd 2 bath plus bonus room two car garage fireplace masterbath has gardent tub and shower with double sinks two walk in closets.