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General Hospital Recaps - How to Get General Hospital Recaps

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General Hospital is the longest-running U.S. soap opera that is still in current production. Overall, it is the third, after Guiding Light and As the World Turns. It first aired in April 1963, and has been broadcast every weekday since, except for rare exceptions or preemptions. The show also holds several other distinctions, such as being the longest-running serial produced out of Hollywood and the longest-running entertainment program for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). It also holds the title for most single-episode viewers when 30 million people in 1981 tuned in to watch the wedding of everyone’s favorite couple – Luke and Laura.

First created by husband-and-wife writing team, Frank and Doris Hursley, they never imagined their show would become so popular that it would become the second-longest running soap opera still in production, just after the British serial Coronation Street. Viewers admit to the show’s addiction and a few missed episodes can send some into panic over what happened and how the characters got to where they are.

To avoid this kind of panic and keep all viewers up to date, there are several ways to get General Hospital recaps. While many viewers are quick to record missed episodes, it is unavoidable to miss one here and there. Some fans of the show like General Hospital recaps simply to relive some of their favorite moments of each day or each week.

General Hospital recaps are available in two formats: as written articles and video. Neither is more popular than the other. Video recaps of General Hospital are perfect when you have the time and are sitting at your computer, but article-format recaps are best for those who are easily distracted or unable to catch every detail. When it’s in writing, the details can be so much clearer and can greatly enhance the enjoyment of watching future episodes.

Article-format General Hospital recaps are available in two formats: online and in print. Online articles are best for quick, daily recaps. If you miss a single episode and want to get all caught up for tomorrow, you can find an article recap online from one of several websites and be ready to watch the next episode in just minutes. Print recaps are generally in a weekly or biweekly format. They come in mini-magazines, about the size of Reader’s Digest, but a little thinner. Soap Opera Digest and ABC Soaps are the best two for General Hospital recaps.

Video recaps can be found online, and the best source is the most direct. ABC gives General Hospital its own official website as a sub-domain of abc.com. ABC features both daily recap articles and daily recap videos for the current month and for the ten months previous. In addition, you can watch full episodes of yesterday’s broadcast and the previous five broadcasts before that. Getting video recaps from other sources is spotty, at best. You may be able to find independent video recaps but these are usually short on actual footage from the show. Instead, what you get is a hosted recap presentation of someone explaining to you what happened.

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