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Hotels Mont Saint Michel - The Top Hotels at Mont Saint Michel - Mercure Mont Saint Michel, Hotel Du Guesclin, Auberge Saint Pierre

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Mont Saint Michel is an island in Normandy, France just over one-half mile off the coast at the delta of the Coueson River. The population of the rocky, granite island is only 41. The is of significance for its history and the large medieval monastery that takes up most of the area of the island. After being used as a military stronghold for 200 years, the monastery began construction in 708 AD when St. Aubert claimed that the Archangel Michael instructed him to build a church there. The church/monastery would be further fortified as a defensive position in later wars. In the 19th century, the abbey was closed and made into a prison for several years before a national campaign restored the island and the abbey as an historic monument.

Today, the island is the official property of the commune of Mont Saint Michel and is a major tourist attraction. There are a few small hotels at Mont Saint Michel and several more near the island to accommodate all of the tourists to the area. Some tourists prefer to stay on the island to avoid the heavy traffic. Here are the top three hotels in Mont Saint Michel:

Mercure Mont Saint Michel

50170 Le Mont Saint Michel, France
Phone: +33-023-360-1418
Fax: +33-023-360-3928

The Mercure is consistently the highest-rated of the hotels at Mont Saint Michel, but it is not actually on the island. It is located just over one mile from the island at the border of Normandy and Brittany. This is one of the largest hotels in the area, with over 100 guest rooms and 6 meeting rooms. The staff at Mercure speaks English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The hotel has Wi-Fi and allows pets. The onsite restaurant, Le Pre-Sale, offers traditional specialties of the region including lamb, fish, and seafood. The hotel bar is open from 9am to 11pm. Rooms include baths, mini-bars, and satellite TV. Rates start at $115 US.

Hotel Du Guesclin

50170 Le Mont Saint Michel, France
Phone: +33-023-360-1410
Fax: +33-023-360-4581

Hotel Du Gruesclin is located inside the walls of the island just between the primary street and parapet walkway. This excellent location allows guests either a great view of the bay or of the small village at the base of the abbey. This small hotel has 10 unique rooms that are modestly, but nicely decorated and very comfortable. All rooms have TVs, telephones, and private baths. The 120-seat restaurant features panoramic views and a smaller alternate dining room is located on the first floor. Rates start at $97 US.

Auberge Saint Pierre

Grand Rue 50170, Le Mont Saint Michel, France
Phone: +33-023-360-1403
Fax: +33-023-348-5982

Auberge Saint Pierre is a family-house made available to guests as a hotel. It is at the heart of the island and is decorated in a rustic, medieval theme. Guests here are generally first to get to the daily tours and activities. The restaurant at the hotel is also medieval-themed and decorated. It has a Bay view and offers traditional Normandy cuisine. Rooms are bright and comfortable. They include showers, LCD TVs, alarm clocks, and Wi-Fi. Rates start at $177 US per night.

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