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Humidifier Whole House - Selecting a Humidifier for the Whole House - The Honeywell HE360A, The Aprilaire 700, The Bemis 4D7-300

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A humidifier for the whole house is the perfect solution if you or your family has a lot of problems with dry, cracked skin. A humidifier for the whole house can help protect against dry noses, sore throats, itchy skin, and even allergy or asthma problems. The proper system can also protect the investment into your home by preventing chipped paint or plaster and cracked wood flooring. A humidifier for the house keeps the humidity throughout your home at the most comfortable level, which is between 30 and 50 percent. It can be installed right into the home’s central heating and cooling system, or it can be one very large unit that holds more than 10 gallons. Let’s take a look at three of the best whole house systems, according to customer reviews.

The Honeywell HE360A

One of the best options for a whole house humidifier is the Honeywell HE360A. Customers say the unit is extremely easy to install. They also say that the unit is extremely energy efficient. The system is meant to work in homes up to 4,200 square feet, so it should work fine in most homes. It can be mounted on the warm air supply or the return air duct of a forced-air furnace of any brand. The design of the system helps keep it clean year after year. The system itself sells for about $200, but homeowners will also have to purchase an installation kit, which is priced around $40. Also most people purchase a humidistat, which helps homeowners set the humidity in their home to the best level for them.

The Aprilaire 700

Another great option in a humidifier for whole house is Aprilaire. The company claims to be the original manufacturer of whole house humidifiers, and many people have been installing whole house humidifiers from the manufacturer for many years. One of the newer models from Aprilaire is the Aprilaire 700. This model also works for homes up to 4,200 square feet. The Aprilaire 700 is priced around $260, although it comes with a humidistat, unlike the Honeywell system. However, homeowners will need to purchase several supplies for installation, including screws, nuts, a piece of water line, vinyl tubing, thermostat wire, and an Aprilaire furnace circuit board. The manufacturer claims that the evaporation capacity of the 700 model is among the highest in the industry.

The Bemis 4D7-300

Homeowners who do not want to take the trouble to install a system into their home’s heating and cooling system should check out the Bemis 427-300. This humidifier holds 13 gallons, so it is enough to be effective for most homes. However, it does need to be filled up every day, just like the older humidifiers do. Also the Bemis is only rated for homes that are up to 2,700 square feet. The best location for a unit like the Bemis is in a central part of the home, especially near bedrooms or staircases. The unit comes with a built-in humidistat and a hose that attaches to most sinks. The Bemis unit is priced around $180.

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