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Lambs And Ivy Bedding - All About Lambs and Ivy Bedding - Lambs and Ivy Bedding for Infants, Lambs and Ivy Bedding for Toddlers

Childrens Bedding Options

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Whether you are an expectant parent or the parent of several little ones, you want to make your child’s room a special place. While wall decorations and furniture can contribute to the atmosphere of the room, nothing ties the room together quite like your child’s bedding. One of the top manufacturers of children’s bedding is Lambs and Ivy. Since the late 1970s, Lambs and Ivy bedding has been among the best options for those who are looking for quality and long lasting children’s bedding. The company currently has two lines of crib bedding and accessories and a line of toddler bedding.

Lambs and Ivy Bedding for Infants

Most parents who are looking for Lambs and Ivy bedding will begin by considering their crib bedding and accessories. The company makes bedding sets to suit just about every taste and theme. For boy-theme sets, parents can choose from the jungle-themed Baby Cocoa, Jungle Land, or Jungle Story set. Other options for boys include the Classic Baby Blue, the Playoffs sports themed set, and the Vroom car theme. If you are looking for a cute bedding set for your baby girl, then there are plenty of options as well. In addition to the Classic Pink set, themes such as Butterfly Dreams, Hello Kitty, Raspberry Swirl, and the ladybug and dragonfly themed Sweetie Pie set are some of the popular options for baby girl bedding. Several of their sets, such as the Park Avenue Baby or even the Rock n Roll set, could be used with either a boy or a girl. Regardless of your preference, you should be able to find a Lambs and Ivy bedding set for your baby that matches your nursery decor.

Most of the Lambs and Ivy bedding sets for infants include crib bedding, bumper pads, a mobile, pillows, diaper stackers, wall decor, and floor rugs. Other accessories such as rocking chairs, table lamps, and other decorations are also available with many sets as well. Most of the bedding sets retail for about $150 to $200. Many of the accessories vary in price. For example, a laundry hamper retails for about $35 and additional blankets can be found in the $15 to $25 range.

Lambs and Ivy Bedding for Toddlers

In addition to infant bedding, Lambs and Ivy bedding for toddlers is also a popular and stylish choice for toddler bedding. Themes in their toddler bedding line for girls include Hello Kitty, Lollipop Jungle, Peak a Boo Snoopy, and Raspberry Swirl. Boy-themed toddler bedding options include the Papagayo jungle theme and Wings airplane theme. Prices for Lambs and Ivy toddler bedding are also around $150 for a set.

In addition to the bedding sets, Lambs and Ivy also has a line of nap mats featuring pink monkeys, brown monkeys, or trains available as well. These mats, which retail for $25, have a mat, pillow, and blanket all sewn into them, making them a good options for naps while visiting relatives or out of town.

Although some of their products are available online and in multiple stores, many of the Lambs and Ivy bedding sets are available exclusively from Babies R Us. Therefore, if you are looking for a particular set, Babies R Us is the best place to start looking. With many options available, any parent should be able to find a Lambs and Ivy bedding set that is just right for their little ones.

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