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Discount Airline Fares - Tips for Finding Discount Airline Fares - Flexibility, Utilize Airline Websites, Buy Early

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Finding discount airline fares can be rather simple if you know what to look for. Of course most people already know about the many websites that offer discount airline flights, like Orbitz, Priceline, Hotwire, Travelocity, and the many others like them, but not everyone knows the real secrets to purchasing airline tickets discounted. There are a few factors that always go into your ability to purchase discount airline fares, and it is important to have an understanding of these factors in order to be successful.


The number one factor in a traveler’s ability to purchase discount airline fares is flexibility. Travelers who are not flexible on the dates when they travel will automatically pay more. If at all possible, try to book airfare first, and then look for a hotel based on the dates you booked the airfare for. Travelers who are really feeling adventurous will discover that they can save even more money if they are flexible about their destination. Flights to some destinations naturally go on sale at certain times of the year, so this is a great way to save some extra cash.

Another place to be flexible is in the airport you travel through. For example, travelers who fly from Chicago have a choice of either Midway or O’Hare airports. Many Chicagoans choose to fly through Midway because the airport is smaller and easier to handle. However, most airlines charge more for flights that go through Midway. Travelers who are more open about which airport they use will definitely pay less than those who are set on flying through one particular airport.

Also keep in mind that you might be able to drive a little further to save a lot of money on airfare. Travelers who are only located near a regional airport will naturally pay higher air fare rates, but those who drive to a major airport an hour or two away can save a lot of cash.

Utilize Airline Websites

Another important secret to finding discount airline fares is as simple as going directly to airline websites. Typical discount sites like Priceline or Orbitz do not search every single airline, so travelers will have to hit up the airline websites directly to find the best prices in some cases.

Another part of utilizing airline websites is checking out discount airlines like JetBlue. These airlines do not fly everywhere, but they can save you quite a bit of cash if you do happen to discover that they can connect you to where you want to go.

Buy Early

While it may certainly be possible to save some money by flying standby, the ability to save even more depends on how early a traveler books. Travelers who purchase their tickets at least three weeks before their flight will typically get a much cheaper price than those who book only a week beforehand. Also make sure to check round trip prices, even if you are only flying one way. Sometimes it costs twice as much to fly one way, so there is a significant savings in booking a round trip ticket, even if you have no intention to use the second ticket.

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