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Frontline For Pets - All about Frontline for Pets - How Frontline for pets works, Customer reviews of Frontline Plus, Price

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Frontline for pets is a form of topical flea and tick protection. The brand name has been around for many years, and many pet owners have trusted Frontline for pets with controlling fleas inside their homes. The manufacturer claims Frontline Plus kills 100 percent of fleas within 12 hours of application and lasts for an entire month. The product can be used on dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens starting at eight weeks of age. It is also safe for breeding, pregnant, or lactating animals. The manufacturer also says Frontline for pets is waterproof, so it stays on through swimming and bathing.

How Frontline for pets works

Frontline is aimed at breaking the life cycle of fleas so that both the current infestation and all future infestations are stopped. The active ingredient in Frontline is fipronil, which is stored under the pet’s skin in the oil glands. The hair then distributes the active ingredient all over the animal’s body, thus killing fleas and preventing fleas from coming back.

To apply Fronline for pets, pet owners must remove the applicator from the package. Be careful when snapping open the applicator so that you do not get any of the medication on yourself. Then place the tip of the applicator against the skin at the animal’s shoulder blades. Squeeze all of the contents out onto that single spot on the animal’s skin. In the case of large dogs, it is possible to apply Frontline Plus to two or three different areas along the dog’s spine, although this is not necessary.

Customer reviews of Frontline Plus

Most customers report that Frontline for pets works great. It is very easy to apply and only needs to be applied once per month. Some customers say they have never had another flea medication that worked as well as Frontline for pets. Some pet owners did report side effects like vomiting and convulsions, so as with any new medication, monitor your pet after the first application.

In 2010, some veterinarians began to report that Frontline was not as effective as it used to be. Not all pet owners are reporting this issue, but some owners who previously used the product with great success in the past are having problems. At least one pet owner with two dogs reported that Frontline was used on one dog and a different flea medication was used on the other. The dog treated with Frontline did not get rid of its fleas, while the other dog lost its fleas in less than a day. It remains to be seen if this issue will be corrected because not all pet owners in all parts of the country are having the same problem.


Some pet owners also report that Frontline for pets is rather expensive. The medication starts at about $50 for three doses for small dogs and goes up to $60 for three doses for large dogs. For cats, Frontline Plus is priced around $50 for three doses. Usually the manufacturer runs a “special” which allows pet owners to purchase five doses and get the sixth one free.

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