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Paper Shredder Confetti - Quick and Easy Guide to Confetti Paper Shredder Office Appliances - What is a Confetti Cut Shredder?, Is Confetti Cut Safer?

shredders models shredding documents

Are you looking for a “Confetti” style paper shredder? Or perhaps you have just heard the term around the office and wanted to know more about the details. In either case, you have come to the right place! Read on as we examine what exactly confetti shredders are, their main benefits, and where to find manufacturers online.

What is a Confetti Cut Shredder?

Confetti shredders are so named because that is essentially what the paper that they shred becomes. They are usually cross-cut, which takes traditional strip-cuts to the next level by shredding them up into much tinier pieces, usually around 6/32” x 1” or 2”. Another term you might see for a confetti shredder is in fact “cross-cut shredder”. The smaller fragments mean a more advanced measure of security for sensitive documents, which we will discuss further below.

Is Confetti Cut Safer?

“Classic” shredders take a sheet of paper and cut the entire length into small 1/4” strips, so you end up with a trash can full of long, wispy piles of paper-spaghetti. While sorting out these strips in order to reassemble them into readable documents would be a horrible task indeed, it is not impossible. In fact, this has been the reason behind some large security breaches in the past. However, the confetti-style shredders pose a much greater challenge, using much smaller pieces to make it almost impossible to reassemble correctly. It would take even an expert puzzle-solver a long time to ever crack this riddle, especially if they were trying to assemble a single paper from a full bag of confetti scraps. This insane level of difficulty will keep all but the most committed and skilled information thieves from decoding your sensitive documents.

So in short, yes, confetti cut shredders are safer than classic long-strip models!

Other Considerations When Buying a Shredder

An interested shredder shopper should check out an online resource like Fellowes, which provides plenty of shredder models that customers regularly praise in online reviews. Fellows has multiple categories of confetti-style fax machines, each made for a different particular use. This model embodies a typical structure of manufacturing for other shredder companies, which is why we’re using it now.

This is Fellowes shredder line that is intended specifically for home users. It is one of the most economically priced shredder series, and it can help home office owners get a handle on sensitive documents. Just be careful not to exceed the paper sheet limit or other limitations like no-staple rules.
Professional is the next level up, made for a small office or organization where approximately five people will be using the same shredder. It is made to be more frequent-use and heavy-duty than the Deskside series, and accordingly it costs slightly more. Small businesses would benefit from having a shredder like this for sure.
You also have the option for commercial grade shredders, which are made to take regular shredding from a large pool of people. One of these can handle shredding for a larger company, say approximately 50 – 100 employees who do occasional shredding.
Government Approved
Government-approved shredder models are the highest model of security, using dimensions and cutting techniques that have been outlined by the government to ensure maximum difficulty for anyone who attempts to put the paper scraps back together again. Because of these standards, this line of printers can be one of the most expensive, but some companies that deal with highly confidential information should consider spending the extra money on models like this.

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