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Hayward Pool Parts - Quick and Easy Guide to Hayward Pool Parts and Maintenance - Official Source for All Hayward Pool Parts

check pool’s water pump

Do you have Hayward Pool equipment installed in your backyard swimming oasis? While these parts will normally work for years without incident, there always comes a time when something finally quits. If this has happened to you, not to worry! We have devised this guide especially to help Hayward pool parts buyers find the correct replacement they need, and the knowledge necessary to properly maintain their pool.

Official Source for All Hayward Pool Parts

First things first, all official Hayward pool parts can be purchased through their official site. The replacements page also has helpful information on what exact pool parts you might need to fix different problems. They go the extra mile by publishing an extensive frequently asked questions page, which addresses just about every problem that could possibly exist in your pump, heater, chlorinator, and more.

What is more, Hayward also makes other pool products that help add personality and spark to your outdoor poolside. Try searching the product page for a whole listing of interesting products for your home pool. You can look at lighting products, energy solution-related goods, or even specialized control centers that let you monitor and change any section of the pool’s operation.

How to Perform Simple Pool Maintenance

In order to keep your pool running in tip-top shape and avoid most repair hassles, it is important to regularly clean and maintain your pool. Hayward posts pool-cleaning suggestions that should greatly increase the life of your pool’s parts. Here are some quick suggestions:

This step is critical in maintaining pool health. In order to keep your pump running free of leaf clogs and other garbage, you need the pool’s water to be as clean as possible. Grab the skimmer regularly to get rid of any visible garbage in the pool – while it may not be the most fun job, it will definitely save you loads of headaches in the future!

Using a brush, you can remove collected dirt from the side or bottom of the pool by brushing it towards the main drain. From there it can be easily vacuumed up and away from your pool’s moving parts.

Check circulation
Check the four parts of your pool’s system – run your pump for long enough each day to ensure that the other three parts are all clear of blockage (and stay that way). Your pump intakes water to feed to the chlorinator, heater, and filter. Clean water flowing through these three passages tells a good story – that your system is free of blockages and good to go!

Check Fluids (shock)
You should take care to check the chemical levels of your pool water to ensure that it is balanced correctly. You should have received some test strips or other testing means from the chlorine chemical provider – use these and follow the instructions on your chemical to adjust the chlorine back to the correct level, if needed. This will prevent the buildup of bacteria, algae, and other life forms in your pool water and in your cleaning/filtration system. It is essential!

Check Filter
Check the pool’s filter periodically, and clean it out according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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