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Le Creuset French Oven - Introduction to the Le Creuset French Oven - Why Le Creuset?, The Le Creuset French Oven

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Have you heard about Le Creuset? This native French company has been making beautiful cookware for almost 100 years. They specialize in sturdy, hearty mediums like cast iron and stone, and yet their designs have proven innovative over the years, finding themselves at home in any modern kitchen. In this guide, we will look at both the company and the products as we take you through one of the most popular offerings at Le Creuset, the French Oven.

Why Le Creuset?

As we stated above, Le Creuset is no amateur. They have been in this business for a long time, and they know what works. Their methods are classical, and they still deliver the same benefits today as they did 75 years ago. Why else would they still be in such high demand after all these years? Buyers of Le Creuset items will enjoy sturdy, durable craftsmanship that will last them for years to come (with the proper care). You can tell that they value their product, because they also provide extensive tips for the proper maintenance of each one, ensuring that you get the most use possible out of them. Together with their traditional craftsmanship, one area where they have continued to innovate over the years is style. Today you can find Le Creuset cookware in all the colors of the rainbow, allowing you to customize your purchase to any color scheme.

The Le Creuset French Oven

Easily one of the most popular Le Creuset items, the French Oven can be used for so many culinary tasks. Yes, it is incredibly durable with its cast iron core and durable enameled porcelain coat. But for being so tough and hard, it certainly is flexible! The French Oven can go from the freezer to the oven to the table, and right back to the freezer again. It can go anywhere you need it to – even the stovetop is no match for it! It has a fitted top that meshes perfectly with the pot, and it comes in a huge variety of sizes, guaranteeing that you have an option for every possible task. The enameled finish is non-reactive, non-stick, scratch-resistant, and impermeable to odors and stains. It also functions as a great heat conductor, spreading heat evenly and holding hot foods longer. Ranging in size from 2 to 9 ½ quarts, the French Oven is truly the king of the kitchen.

Imagine the French Oven sitting on the stove full of bubbling hearty stew or soup. Or how about roasting an entire juicy herb chicken in the oven? Perhaps even baking a cake! The truth is, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Where to Find Le Creuset

When you want to find Le Creuset for yourself, look no further than the official store finder on Le Creuset’s web site. They will direct you to the nearest outlet where you can find these wonderfully handy kitchen tools. You may also find them at some online shops, which can be handy for price comparisons. Just be sure to note shipping costs online, which can add quite a bit extra to the selling price because of the pans’ heavy weight.

The Le Creuset French Oven takes over so many kitchen tasks that it is truly an all-purpose, durable tool that you will find yourself using again and again. Yes, it is a significant investment, with many of their larger pots coming in at over $200. The classic style, customizable colors, durable longevity, and sheer kitchen flexibility, makes it quite worth it in the end to the committed home chef.

Use this information to decide whether or not a French Oven would work for you in your own kitchen. It is of course a big decision, so take care to consider your selections before making the investment.

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