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Garmin Navigation System - Buyer's Guide to Garmin Navigation System Products - On the Road, On the Trails

gps series options design

Are you in the market for a new Garmin Navigation System? You probably already know that Garmin is one of the most recognized names in GPS navigation technology for consumers. But what you may not realize is the sheer number of product options that they offer – they really have something for every occasion! If you know exactly what you will use it for, then finding the right option for you will be rather easy. But be careful – as you browse their products, you might just discover whole new GPS concepts that had never occurred to you before! Before you know it, you could be walking home with an armful of Garmin equipment and a much lighter wallet.

On the Road

First things first: when most people think of Garmin equipment, they are looking for automobile navigation systems. These systems typically range from $139 to about $500, and they can come with a whole slew of handy options for your daily road trekking. Let’s look at two of the top options:

nüvi 3790T
The nuvi series is one of Garmin’s high-end vehicle navigation solutions, and the 3790T is on the top end of the scale at about $450. It comes loaded with handy goodies like 3D terrain view, preloaded street maps for all of North America, and even pedestrian navigation options. All nuvi models come in an ultra-thin design that is easy to tote around in your car or in your suitcase, and its navigational features can save your life when driving in unfamiliar areas.
nüvi 3760T
If you are looking to save a little cash, just go down the scale a little bit to a model like the 3760T. This powerful navigation assistant offers comparable performance and many of the same features as the 3790T, but at a price that will not break the bank. Or you can move further down the nüvi scale to the $150-$200 range, and still find some solid options that will get you where you need to go – just not with quite so many bells and whistles.

Did you know that Garmin also makes some great navigation systems for motorcycles and bikes? These are ultra-compact and built to last, making them a great companion on the open roads and trails. They offer a tough waterproof design as well as many of the top features from the nüvi series, making them your new best friend for two-wheeled transport. These are called the zumo series, and they typically run from $500 to $1000 on account of the much more rugged construction and compact design. If you are a biker, you need to check these out!

On the Trails

So what about the hikers, campers, and trailblazers? Garmin has definitely got you covered! Find some of the coolest hand-held devices for wilderness GPS navigation, including the eTrex series, which starts at a very reasonable $100. Or if water is in the cards for your wilderness vacation, try the GPS handheld series, which offers waterproof design and floating capabilities. It also has an extra-large lighted screen and a slight edge on battery life over the eTrex.

Another huge use for GPS equipment of late is the phenomenon known as geocaching. Garmin has greeted this crowd with open arms, producing devices that are especially tuned for finding caches, including pre-loaded software for downloading and uploading finds. These devices are usually priced in the mid-range, from $250 to about $600. Check out the Oregon series, which includes a microSD card slot, color display, altimeter, and high-sensitivity GPS to really pinpoint those caches. You can even use wireless data sharing to spread information about your latest caches.

And this is just the beginning – Garmin also offers great specialized devices for boating, running, fishing, and much, much more. You owe it to yourself to check out Garmin.com to browse the major product uses. This is where your journey will begin – and who knows where it will end!

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