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Inground Pool Cost - Inground Pool Cost and Construction Help - Planning Your New Pool, Finding a Qualified Contractor

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Are you looking to build a new inground pool for your home this Summer? Or maybe you are in the midst of constructing your dream home right now, and it just would not be the same without your dream pool. Well, there is no time like the present to start planning. Building a pool is a time and resource-consuming project that should be undertaken with care. Poor pool work will be something you may regret for a long time to come. In this guide, we will offer some handy tips for the process of getting your pool planned out and built. Follow these tips to help keep you safe and happy with your new investment.

Planning Your New Pool

First off, it is important that you have an idea of the specifics for your pool. If you have a few “must-have” additions or features, then you should note these. Try to do a simple drawing of the layout of your pool, and visualize it in the space where you want it to go. Ask about prices on added features as soon as you find your contractor so that you can be sure of your expected expenses. Things like water slides and hot tubs are great, but they can significantly add to the care and maintenance of your pool, not to mention the overall cost!

For now though, just focus on drawing out the idea for your dream pool, and later when you talk to the contractor you can decide what will stay and what will go. Think about depth of water, shape, shallow and deep ends, and any poolside concrete areas.

Finding a Qualified Contractor

It might hurt a little, but paying a few extra dollars in this phase can really help you in the long run. For starters, you should only be considering contractors who have been previously vetted for experience and customer service. You can find these ratings online at sites like Angie’s List, but if you are also currently constructing your home, you just need to speak with your architect or project manager to get good recommendations for pool constructors in the field.

It also does not hurt to pay a couple hundred for your architect to sketch out your pool concept professionally. That way you have something official and easy to go by when it comes time to actually get quotes from contractors.

Pick a few of the top choices for contractors and get quotes from all of them based on your sketch and general size criteria. Make sure they are all “bare bones” quotes with no big frills in order to get a similar range of quotes. Remember, while it is not necessary to hire a super-expensive “artist” contractor who will transform your backyard into Shangri-La, you also should be just as wary of super-inexpensive contractors that seem to be giving you way too good of a “deal”. Finding a leak or other shoddy construction in your pool a few months down the line is about the worst thing that can happen! Find a happy medium with a reputable contractor that knows what he or she is doing.

The average amount people around the country can expect to pay for pool construction is $50 per square foot, but this can vary by a large percentage depending on your area. Again, chat with your architect or real estate professional to find the specific average for your area.

Sometimes, Less is More.

This especially applies to décor, pool frills, and the overall color scheme. Your architect and/or contractor can help you with this some, but many times the best pool areas are simple, monochromatic, and conservative. Conveniently, these are usually also the cheapest pools to construct. This can work to your advantage as a fiscally-minded homeowner. Simple black and white or beach-themed colors work very well for many backyard pools.

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