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Hd Satellite Receivers - Quick and Easy Guide to HD Satellite Receivers - Why You Need (or Do Not Need) an HD Receiver

television quality difference upgrade

So, you have your eye on an HD satellite receiver to go with your television, do you? It is no surprise – with HD on the rise as the recognized standard of quality video, consumers from all around the country are making the upgrade. But does that mean you should, too? Would you even be able to use it with your current setup? Would it make a difference? And what about features?

In this guide, we seek to answer all this and more as we explore the world of satellite HD receivers.

Why You Need (or Do Not Need) an HD Receiver

First off, you have to make sure that you are equipped to use an HD receiver from your satellite provider. It will not make much sense to invest in a brand new receiver if it will not make a bit of difference in your picture, after all.

Make sure you have a high-definition television – one that actually has an HD emblem on it, or has specific measurements like 1080p or 720i. These will tell you the specific resolution of the television. Just about all HD televisions today are flat screens, so if you have an old CRT model, you will need to upgrade that before you will be able to upgrade your receiver. Getting an HD receiver for a non-HD television will not make the slightest bit of difference in your quality, and in fact it could even cause problems.

On the other hand, if you do have an HD TV, then you absolutely need an HD receiver in order to get the full potential out of your high-quality resolution. DVD’s or Blu-Ray discs on an HD player is another way to get true HD quality onto your TV screen. But if you want HD live TV, then switching to a high-definition receiver is the only way to go.

Major Available Features

The biggest feature today on satellite receivers is DVR – digital video recording capability. You will usually pay a pretty penny more in order to get access to this, but people who take the plunge absolutely swear by it. With DVR, you can easily (and automatically, if you like) record all of your favorite shows in crystal-clear satellite quality, pause live TV to resume it again when you return, and fast forward commercials. DVR is a great investment if you can spare the extra cash.

Also be sure that your new HD receiver can cover up to or over your current TV’s resolution settings. For example, if you have a 1080p television and the receiver can only handle up to 720i, then you will not be getting the full spectrum of HD that your TV is capable of. This is something else to keep in mind as you shop.

Other Considerations

Remember, HD audio is important too, so if you’re still using the stock television speakers, you may want to consider augmenting your audio with a reasonably nice sound system. A small sub-woofer and surround speaker set alone can make a huge difference!

When you order your receiver, keep an eye to the future. If there is a chance that you will get a nicer HD TV down the line, maybe it would be best to buy up a nicer receiver model in order to be ready for that purchase. But in the end, it does come down to how much you want to spend, and how much you value really clear television.

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