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Capresso Espresso Maker - Finding Your Dream Capresso Espresso Maker - Capresso Espresso Products

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Home espresso machine manufacturer Capresso has been making plenty of buzz in the world of coffee lovers. If you have found yourself paying more than $50 a month on expensive cafe coffee, then you owe it to yourself to invest in a Capresso instead. Before you know it, you could be sipping gourmet espressos and cappuccinos in the comfort of your own home, all for no more than the price of some coffee beans. Read on to find out more about Capresso’s line of espresso-making products, and how you can take one home no matter where you live in the world.

Capresso Espresso Products

First up is Capresso’s 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine, which is a pretty downright amazing deal at about $60. This device will make you gourmet espressos (complete with the essential “crema” intact, of course). But it can also handle delicious cappuccinos with frothed milk, and silky lattes with steamed milk. It can really do it all at a great price, and the four-cup capacity is not bad for most any typical coffee-drinking household.

Next, we move into the realm of the more serious coffee connoisseur with the Capresso Café. This device runs about $160, but it also boasts the features to match the price. Frothing or steaming milk is an absolute snap with the special dual frother, which completely eliminates any downtime or need for purging. It provides a continuous jet of steam for your use. Two sieves combine to create two gourmet espressos at a time, complete with a thick, rich crema “head”. The Capresso Café is able to produce professional-quality espressos because of its high-pressure brewing system, which is essential when brewing the real thing.

Now we move into the big game: the aptly named “Ultima”. The Ultima uses very high pressure to achieve some of the best results attainable with a home espresso machine. But it is not only the quality of coffee that makes this machine the king of the pack – it is the sheer convenience. You will be amazed at the speed in which this machine prepares your espresso from start to finish – it takes literally seconds. After it prepares your cups, it even takes the trouble to discard the used coffee into an internal container, making you instantly ready to brew the next two cups. The large water tank can hold water for up to 30 fresh espressos, and of course you can still froth or steam milk with the best of them to get a delicious cappuccino. This beast will set you back about $300, but fine coffee junkies will be oh-so inclined to grab one anyway.

Find further information on the specs for each espresso maker here on capresso’s espresso page.

How to Find Capresso Just About Anywhere in the World

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet you can find a way to get Capresso to your home. Check out Capresso’s store locator to get started on your search. If you do not see any retailers around you, use the same page to find information on authorized online resellers of Capresso merchandise who can ship it right to you.

Mend Your Capresso

Should you ever need replacement parts or other maintenance items for your espresso machine, Capresso’s parts and accessories page is definitely the place to go. You can also find helpful tips in their online instruction manual and maintenance guide, ensuring that your Capresso stays in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Take care of it, and it will take care of you for years to come with its fresh supply of delicious bean juice.

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