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Plain Paper Fax Machines - Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Plain Paper Fax Machines - What Exactly IS a Plain Paper Fax?

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Plain paper fax machines have made quite the difference in the business landscape, and they still play an important role in many offices even today. With advances in technology, we have been able to buy them cheaper than ever before. Not to mention lighter, smaller, faster, and more chock-full of technological features than before! The print quality is even better. So with all of these features at a price that can be affordable for any home or business office, there is no reason why you could not have one for your own business or office needs. Read on to learn more about plain paper faxes, common features, and where to find them.

What Exactly IS a Plain Paper Fax?

A “plain paper” fax machine simply refers to the vast majority of faxes that use traditional computer printing mediums like ink cartridges or laser printing. Both of these fax types use standard 9×11 paper to print on, unless outlined otherwise. It is just plain white paper and ink or laser impressions – nothing more, nothing less. While you can find some other fax and printer models available, the variety is limited for home and office use. One other common printing technology is thermal printing, which uses a special kind of paper that is responsive to heat. This is sometimes used for receipt paper. But this comes with inherent limitations – you may have noticed that some receipts do not hold up well to heat, and that is why! Any heat will turn the area it touches to black, so thermal paper left in a hot car could be one big black smudge after a minute or two. You can understand why this type of printing is nowhere near as popular for common fax machines – you would need to purchase special paper, and the heat-sensitive aspect presents some challenges as well.

Where to Find a Good Plain Paper Fax Machine

When you are in the market for a good piece of office equipment like a fax machine, Amazon.com is a good place to start. You can get an idea of the different brands out there, their ballpark prices, and more importantly, real customer opinions of the products. These customers have actually purchased the exact model that you are looking at, and have taken the trouble to record their impressions and thoughts on it. This type of observation can be incredibly helpful to the prospective buyer, because it gives you a peek into what happens right after you open the box – will it just plug in and “work” from the start? Or will it give you hours of technical apparatus nightmares? Know before you buy!

While the internet is a great place for gathering product knowledge before you buy, on larger items like fax machines, you may find it easier (and usually cheaper because of shipping costs) to just pick up a model at your local office or electronics store. There is no shortage to the list of places where you can find a good, cheap fax machine – try OfficeMax, Staples, Best Buy, or even stores like CostCo or Wal-Mart. Just cross-check the prices both online and off before making your purchase – a half hour of work could save you a nice chunk of change when you find a great discount deal!

Not-So-Plain Features

Today’s faxes may be priced incredibly cheaply, but that does not mean they are lean on the technological features. You can find many fax models even for home use that can also serve as a network printer, a copy machine, an image scanner, and a document conversion and emailing tool. The plainest models will still do nothing but fax documents and serve as a land-line phone, but if you are just setting up your home office, you can take care of all of your office’s document needs at once!

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