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Wireless Outdoor Thermometer - Introduction to Wireless Outdoor Thermometers - What Are Outdoor Wireless Thermometers?, How to Install Wireless Thermometers

temperature sensor house unit

You may have heard about “wireless thermometers” and wondered, “What’s the big deal? My thermometer is 15 years old, and it is wireless, too!” While it is true that plain old mercury thermometers can still do the job just fine for outdoor and indoor temperature measurement, it is also true that wireless thermometers present an interesting new innovation that many people find quite handy to have around the house. In this guide, we will introduce you to this small innovation on a very old invention, and help you decide if you’d find it handy on your own property or not.

What Are Outdoor Wireless Thermometers?

Outdoor wireless thermometers are made for comfort and convenience. Many times thermometers are stuck to windows or hung out on the deck for easy visibility from inside the house. But the potential problem with that is that the area immediately surrounding you house is not always the best place to measure temperature, especially during winter months where the inside is much warmer than outdoors, there is always some residual heat loss from the house. This can alter the thermometer’s reading, especially when it is placed on a window, where the heat transfer can be significant.

The alternative to this would be to place the thermometer further away from the house where it would be unaffected by any temperature changes coming therefrom. Then you have to leave the house to check the temperature. Again, not a fun preposition in the middle of Winter.

Outdoor thermometers seek to solve this little problem by using a small outdoor temperature sensor. You place this sensor in a secure location where you would like to measure the temperature. This sensor then sends constant updates wirelessly to a main display unit inside the house. Most display units also show your house’s internal temperature together with the outdoor temperature that is being reported by the sensor, so you have a two-in-one setup.

How to Install Wireless Thermometers

Installing a wireless thermometer is a fairly easy process. First, you have to make sure that the sensor unit has fresh batteries. Then find a good spot outside where you can mount the thermometer sensor – it can be on the side of a building, on a tree, or just about anywhere you like. Most times it will simply hang on a nail or screw. Make sure the sensor is turned to the “on” position if there is an on/off switch.

Now fire up your main unit inside and follow the instructions in your manual. This is usually a very simple process – just turn it on, let it find the wireless signal, and you have temperature readings. Some more advanced models will have features that let you change display settings to read different things like barometric pressure or humidity – see your manual for details on how to work these features.

Where to Find Wireless Thermometers

The best place to start when looking online for wireless outdoor thermometers is Amazon.com, where you can find many different brands and products, each one complete with plenty of real customer reviews and feedback. You can then use this information to purchase online, or head to your local electronics store to find a similar unit.

Other Handy Ideas

The outdoor sensor doe not have to be just outdoors. If you wanted to be clever, you could set the other sensor in another room of your house. This is good for temperature-sensitive areas, like for instance wine cellars. It could also be handy for people who close off part of their homes from heating in order to conserve energy and save money – you could keep constant tabs on the temperature in those rooms to make sure no doors have been left ajar. Or how about in a garage? The options are only limited by your creativity and the wireless range of your sensor and receiver.

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