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Drug Abuse Teens - Drug Abuse Resources for Teens and Parents - Teen Drug Abuse Statistics and Articles, Teen Drug Abuse Symptoms, Teen Resources

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Are you a worried parent of a teenager who has fallen in with some bad habits? Or maybe you are a teenager who is in over your head and is now looking for a way out. Either way, this guide will introduce you to some of the best online sites to help teenage drug addiction. These resources can give teens and parents the resources they need to combat harmful addictions, from helpful advice and information to drug abuse treatment centers and rehabilitation.

Teen Drug Abuse Statistics and Articles

If you are a parent or teen who simply wants to know the truth about drug use, then TeenDrugAbuse.us has some informative articles that can help you. Topics include teen smoking (marijuana and tobacco) statistics, physiological effects of methamphetamine, alcohol use statistics, and much more. For any parent or teen looking for the science and facts behind drugs in the U.S., this is a great place to start. Parents will also find some articles targeted directly to them, including tips on talking to their teenagers about suspected alcohol abuse. They will also find useful studies like the statistics of college underage alcohol abuse. Teens can benefit from knowing actual statistics and scientific facts about drug use, rather than relying on rumors from their peers to get all their knowledge. When you want to know the hard facts, this is the place to go.

Teen Drug Abuse Symptoms

This MedicineNet article is specifically for parents who are suspicious of possible drug use by their teenagers. It lays out a variety of symptoms that can be indicative of a drug problem. Parents many times find it hard to decipher teenage behavior, so it can be a great help to have specific red flags and hard evidence to look for. This especially helps if the parent is unfamiliar with the effects of drugs, common drug paraphernalia, etc. Parents are however advised not to “jump the gun” the first time they notice their children doing smaller indicators on the list (like breaking curfew or hanging out with new friends), as sometimes this is just evidence of being a teenager, not of drug use. This article gives you many firm indicators including withdrawal behavior, common drug paraphernalia, and more.

Teen Resources

While teenagers will probably find some parts of DrugAbuse.gov’s teens section a bit lame and pandering, it does offer some good information on the science and research behind drug abuse that can be useful for them. Teens can view common questions posted by others in their age group, find help for dealing with addiction problems in themselves or in their peers, and learn the facts about commonly abused drugs, their symptoms, and their health effects. This can be a good resource for teens who are not comfortable talking about drugs with their parents or other authority figures, because it provides quick and private access to hundreds of facts about every common drug available that they can look up from their own room.

Treatment Centers

Parents looking for teen treatment centers should refer to this page at Teen-Drug-Abuse.org, which has in-depth information on many qualified treatment centers around the country. Treatment centers can provide a safe haven and a drug-free zone for your teenager with advanced addiction symptoms. They will provide security, medical help, and productive activities to help them through this period of withdrawal. Many treatment center attendees credit these programs as the turning point in their lives that helped them kick the habit for good. But of course, for the treatment to be the most effective, the participant must have an active interest in getting clean.

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