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California Vocational Schools - The Best California Vocational Schools - Art schools, Business schools, Technical schools, Healthcare schools

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There are many California vocational schools to choose from, so anyone who wants to further their career and get a technical education should have no problem finding an appropriate school. California vocational schools run the gamut of occupations, from art to all areas of technology. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many California vocational schools that are available.

Art schools

As the home of Hollywood, it is only natural that California vocational schools should include plenty of art schools. The Art Institute of California has six different campuses scattered around the state. Students can choose from applied arts like design, media, or fashion. They can also choose more creative pursuits like painting or sculpture. Culinary studies is also an option. Any student who is considering any kind of artistic career should definitely seek to attend the Art Institute of California. The only exception in the art field is students who want to go into photography or film. These students would do better to attend the Brooks Institute, which is nationally recognized for its film and video programs.

Business schools

Students who want to go into business will find many different schools to choose from. Everest College is one great choice among many California vocational schools that specialize in business. Everest College has 13 different campuses, so most students have easy access to at least one of them. Another good choice is Heald College, which has 10 different campuses. This school also has majors in criminal justice and healthcare, so it is a great choice for those who want to go into healthcare administration. Students in the Santa Clara area should check out the Institute for Business and Technology, which also gets very high marks for its business diplomas.

Technical schools

When it comes to technical schools, there are only a few in the state of California. Universal Technical Institute is probably the best choice for technical vocational schools in California. Many employers around the country recognize it, although the school only has two locations in California. One campus is in Sacramento, and the other is in Rancho Cucamonga. The other choice for technical schools in California is Westwood College of Technology, which has campuses in Anaheim, Long Beach, Torrance, and Upland.

Students who are sure they want to go into the aviation side of the technical industry have a couple of great choices when it comes to vocational schools. Redstone Aviation in Inglewood and the National Test Pilot School in Mojave are both wonderful choices for pilots.

Healthcare schools

There are many different California vocational schools that offer healthcare. The National Holistic Institute is the largest school of massage therapy in the state, so it definitely makes the top of the list for massage therapy. Other parts of healthcare tend to be a bit more general. The best California vocational schools that offer healthcare fields include Western Career College, which has seven different campuses, TechSkills, which has campuses in Sacramento and San Jose, and West Coast University, which focuses on health care administration.

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