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Panasonic Plasma Televisions - Panasonic Plasma Televisions Earn Several Best-of Ratings

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Panasonic should rightfully be proud of its plasma television line. Offering quality from 42 inches to above 58 inches, screen sizes and differing advantages suit most TV users’ needs and wants.

42-Inch Best-Rated Model
The Panasonic TC-P42S2 plasma television was awarded a Best Value rating, presenting low-cost quality and improved black contrast with a 40,000:1 ratio. The 1080p resolution heightens clarity and sharpness. Gamers will enjoy this plasma RV by Panasonic with its built-in gaming mode and 600Hz sub-field drive.

50-Inch Best Rated Model
Panasonic’s TC-P50S2 plasma television leads the pack in picture quality for 2010. Panasonic’s 600Hz sub-field Drive and reflective filter drastically reduce glare and pair with improved black contrast ratios to present the best overall picture quality in the 2010 model lines. Panasonic also improved the brightness control in this plasma model, maximizing viewer convenience and reducing eyestrain.

58-Inch-Plus Best Rated Model
The Panasonic TC-P65V10 plasma TV earned Best Quality ratings and offers enhanced color parameters, deepening the black background contrast essential in plasma screens and reducing angle fade-out that is common in many plasma televisions.

Its two-inch width enables snug placement along walls or shelves and console cubbyholes enabling easy storing and use—dramatic while non-intrusive.

Movie lovers will be pleased with the Amazon movie rental capability in this 42-inch Panasonic plasma television. The Veira Cast menu system allows quick and easy movie listings display and rental options. Commutes to the local video store and lengthy waits in line on Friday nights just got pushed farther into the past.

These plasma televisions by Panasonic remember the video gamers, as well. The ultra-fast 600Hz sub-drive maximizes the plasma screen’s processing and refresh rate, smoothing out action-packed movement on screen.

Best Plasma TV for Sports
The Panasonic TC-P50VT25 Plasma TV 3D TV Ready claims top honors of the best plasma TV for sports viewing. High contrast quality with enhanced black ground and a fast refresh rate combine to reduce image jarring, juttering (side-motion lags and stutters), and ghosting for basketball, football, and baseball fans. Sports fans are also treated to perfect viewing quality at up to 90 degrees—important when the gang’s over to watch the big game on the weekend!

Best Movie or Home Theater Model
The TC-P54VT25, another member of the VT25 family, represents Panasonic’s best model for movies and home theater. Enhanced color arrays and maximized black background offer color tone sharpness and focus. One of the few 2010 models designed for 3D-movie viewing, these Panasonic plasma televisions easily process both 2D and 3D images without lag—a common occurrence with a few other televisions. THX certification picture settings in hand, this plasma TV has terrific 90-degree viewing for family night enjoyment.

Best Gaming Model
The Panasonic TC-P50VT25 takes its second honor as the best plasma television for video games. Between the fast refresh rate, processing capacity, and low drag, motion continues unhindered in fast-paced games. Because 50-inch screens are the only size offered in these models, the Panasonic plasma televisions easily double as a home theater central appliance.

Larger Sizes Available
Panasonic offers high-quality plasma TVs at even larger screens than itemized. Panasonic holds the screen size record of any plasma TV at a whopping 103 inches! Don’t worry. They also come in sizes between the 65- to 103-inch screens, as well.

Model Registration
After purchasing new Panasonic plasma televisions, remember to register the products. More than just marketing research depends on it:
- Protect Your Investment: Associating the serial number with the buyer’s name and address helps trace the product if stolen and eases warranty repairs if it’s broken.
Product Safety Notification: Panasonic has been a reliable brand since its predecessor was founded in 1918. However, despite precautions, occasionally model-wide repairs or parts replacements may be required. Registration assists notifying you of recall or free repair in the off chance the need arises.
— Improved Product Development: Research and development progresses with ideas and complaints not only from the RD staff but from consumers. Many of the advancements and enhancements stemmed directly from consumer feedback!

Panasonic plasma televisions maintain some of the highest quality standards in the industry. The “Best Of” models successfully competed against their competitors and easily deserve the accolades and certainly the attention of any discerning plasma TV shopper.

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