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Extended Stay Hotel Houston - Extended Stay Hotel in Houston: Is it that much better?

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Houston is an International city with over four million area residents, and countless businesses also calling this city home. With so much business travel centering around the city a thriving hotel economy has developed, providing temporary homes for weary business travelers and tourists. Extended stay hotels in Houston Texas are plentiful with many situated in tight conjunction along the busiest highways including; I-10, the 610 Loop, I-45, I-59, and Beltway 8. The medical center has a wide array of extended stay hotels as do the many business centers situated around the city. Close proximity is essential in this sprawling city, as Houston does not offer much in public transportation aside from the bus system. A vehicle rental is essential especially if the hotel chosen does not offer any shuttle services.

One way to save money is to utilize extended stay hotels. Some offer weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly rates which can save a traveler headaches and unneeded expenses. Amenities are the most important aspect to look at when shopping for an extended stay hotel. Most of these hotels vary in price and amenities, from the spartan: room with a bed, to some hoteliers offering gyms, spas, full restaurants, and chauffeur services at a higher cost. As always the price will most definitely be a direct factor in the amount of convenience that is offered. But there are deals to be had out there if you research and plan. Houston does not have a peak season so to speak but rates spike during the week and tend to be lower on the weekends. Houston is a city of commerce so on the weekends most travelers have returned home. Considering that this will be your home for the next month or so it is important for it to feel as much like a home as it can. The greatest aspect of an extended stay hotel is your ability to cook. Most will have a stove, an oven, a small fridge, a sink, dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, pots, and pans. This means you can cook anything you would at home. This saves money by not wasting budgets on fast food and restaurants. Some hotels will include further amenities, but all should include basic cooking utensils and some may have further amenities by request.

As an extended stay hotel is meant to feel like a home, you will find designated areas such as a dining area, a living area, and a bedroom area. An adequate living area should include an armchair, a couch, a television, and a phone. Many will offer a pseudo office with a desk and chair and Internet access as well. Wireless service is almost unanimously supplied to guests free of charge, but if you intend to bring a computer and want internet access it is best to call before making any reservations to ensure that internet service is offered and how it is accessible. There are many considerations to take in mind when researching and deciding which extended stay hotel to book with but you will have the most satisfaction if you choose amenities that make your life easier and most feel like home. It will result in a better stay in Houston, and maybe a little enjoyment in the end. Houston is a beautiful city and has an active multicultural community that can be experienced each and every day. Experience Houston from an extended stay hotel and you will surely want to return.

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