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Hawaii Discount Hotel - Finding a Great Hawaii Discount Hotel

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A tropical paradise with gorgeous crystal blue waters and unique flora and fauna may seem like a dream to some. However, as close as a ship or a plane away are the islands of Hawaii. Experience the Polynesian culture, the uniquely Hawaiian cuisine, or go to Hawaii’s dozens of state parks. The surfing, luaus, and combination of tropical weather and trade winds make staying a breeze and the stay itself one of ease.

As the state of Hawaii is a series of islands, many of the hotels boast having a close proximity to beaches, night life, and natural environment. Because each resort or hotel is competing for visitors, there are many options. With over a hundred hotels to choose from, it is easy hotel in Hawaii. Some hotels offer amenities such as a beach front room or an eighteen-hole golf course. As many vacationers are with their families, many offer family plans at a discounted price, as well.

However, finding the best discount for Hawaii hotels can be a little difficult. Many visitors want the full luxury experience without realizing the tropical luxury experience can become expensive quite quickly. Plus, many Hawaiian hotels offer scuba, hula, and surfing lessons that add on the financial strain of the trip.

One notable discounted hotel is the Royal Kona Resort along Kailua Bay in Hawaii. With 436 rooms to choose from and amenities such as open-air dining and a private saltwater lagoon, the Royal Kona Resort is a true gem. This hotel resort is located near Kailua-Kona and Kona International Airport. Royal Kona Resort also has room amenities including a bathtub, balcony and mini fridge as well as concierge service, a restaurant and a travel desk. For the active visitors, Royal Kona also has snorkeling, beach, and beach services. On average, some of Royal Kona’s discounted guest rooms are below $150, especially when booked in advanced for multiple nights.

Another discount hotel in Hawaii is the Pioneer Inn on the island of Maui. Not only do they offer discounted hotel rooms optional amenities such as a wet bar and refrigerator, but 20 shops, boutiques and galleries on the premise, free in-room coffee, and banquet facilities. They also offer both breakfast and lunch at their famous grill and sunset dining for a romantic experience. Not only that, but Pioneer Inn has connections to recreational activities including whale watching, scuba diving, fishing, day cruises and para-sailing.

Avoiding these pitfalls is easy with some planning ahead and knowledge about Hawaii. While a stay at Hawaii may be for relaxation, exploration, business, or any combination thereof, a basic plan and budget can save a lot of time and money. Many Hawaii discount hotels not only offer tours or experiences but offer them for a discounted price. Whether it is through a local company or the hotel itself, it is always helpful to ask the concierge or look up the hotel’s website for discounted options.

One way of getting a discount at most hotels is going on vacation during the off season. As it is in the tropics region, Hawaii has two major seasons. The dry season is from May to October while the wet season is from October to April. Although the climate is never truly extreme in temperature, going during the off season (October to April) may be more affordable.

Another suggestion is only stay at a hotel the visitor knows they will enjoy. A water slide, tiki bar, laundry service, and family plan may seem like the ultimate luxury stay, but while there are discounts for the places with all the amenities, they will not be nearly as discounted at places with simpler options. It all depends on the purpose of the stay. If the stay is purely business, there is no need for an ocean-front view. If the hotel stay is for a family of six, perhaps having a family plan and a tiki bar is an excellent option. Either way, discount Hawaii hotels are a fabulous option for anyone who wants to experience a tropical getaway at an affordable price.

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